Monday, February 25, 2008

The Wire Episode 8

I really liked this episode. Omar. Man I'm gonna miss you. What a crappy way to go, but it's somehow fitting. Kenard was the one who killed him and the one last week who wasn't impressed when seeing Omar gimping around. It was him that was going to light a cat on fire at the beginning of the episode and didn't run when Omar passed. He's a sick little kid with a future that one. But it sucked that Omar's murder didn't even make the paper. Ok, that's probably a lot to ask for when his body bag has the wrong name on it. Omar was doing the best police work on the show. His old school buddy Bunk is second.

McNaulty is now a dealer. He's dealing money to all the cops, just as much as Marlow is dealing to the addicts and Clay Davis is dealing to the political cronies. After hearing the FBI profile him, he's looking for a confessor. That's why he told Kima and Beadie. Scott Templeton, the reporter getting called on lying is foreshadowing what will happen to McNaulty.

I thought Leander Sydnor was going to get popped while he was looking at the map book. I didn't expect him to crack the code. Go Lester. He's going to pull down both Marlow and Davis before being forced to take retirement. Maybe they just setup Davis to keep Lester from turning him by saving McNaulty by appointing him to the Liquor Board. Now that would be perfect.

Here's Salon's take. Oh and I don't why I haven't been reading Television Without Pity lately. Here's their recap.

This is the best show on TV.


Roman said...

I was mourning Omar the whole week. They'd better come up with something good now because the show kind of lost sense on me now... It is still a freaking show, not a documentary, no need to go so banal on me. I hope it is not "everybody is killed, McNulty is to jail, Bunk gets promoted..."

Howard said...

I'm really having a hard time that Omar is gone. It is like life isn't worth living. It was a good death and he was evil. I'm perfectly content with how they did it, much better than the soparanos end. It's all setting in too that he was the best cop on the show. The opening segment with how he cleared out the corner was great. And after the cops left he picked up the drugs in the bag and even got the other bag of stuff from sealed up door number 4. Doing more police work after the police leave. And he collected the names of all the lieutenants, etc. Great stuff.

I just was on the phone with someone who never watched the show before, I must have spoken for 15 minutes on Omar and at the end I was asked, "is this show on dvd?" and I said yup. I must have done good.

Freakin' Omar is dead. I literally thought, "where were you when Omar died" and for me the answer is I was watching the Oscars.

Roman said...

Yeserdays finished watching next episode... man, motherfuckers are killing off all of my favorite characters!

Roman said...

Unrelated. Just found out about this event: !!!

Howard said...

Where did you see ep 9? And don't give me any spoilers.

The Coolidge just did a Leibowski night.

Roman said...

Comcast has next episode immediately available after HBO airs the previous one. Kind of odd, but there is no point waiting till Sunday when you can watch one on Monday :)

I love the t-shirts on site, esp. "Achiever" :):)

vijay said...

well i used to
watch the wire online
and have very recently seen the episodes which i saw that Omar gets killed Kema tells on what Mc Nulty has been doing. She can't stand to see the cops working bs cases and she doesn't want anyone else getting into trouble .