Monday, February 18, 2008


Last night I switched from Afrin to Nyquil and got my best night's sleep in a while. I woke up this morning and barely had a fever so that's an improvement. My back also is much less achy. Coughing doesn't hurt as much but my nose is much more stuffed, it's practically useless. We'll see if the Comtrex i just took helps. No I'm not overlapping medications but I am switching between them, particularly anti-histamines.

Yesterday I watched Elizabeth 2 and The Assassination of Jesse James. Neither was particularly good. Elizabeth had enough story to tell but didn't really bother to like the first one did. James didn't have enough story and took an hour or more too long to tell it.

Today Sci-Fi is running a Firefly marathon, always good stuff.


irina said...

Just found out you got the flu. Hope you get better soon. Think about getting vaccinated next year, it's a fairly simple thing to do and so far it worked for me. I am in hospitals a lot because of parents and get my vaccine religiously every year. Newton-Wellesley Hospital immunizes for free(!), you just need to know when to make an appointment.
I'll email you next year when it's time.

Howard said...

Thanks. Stay cautious though. From what I understand, the strain that's going around isn't really protected against by this years vaccine.

Michael said...

hey guess what, this is some run-forrest-run type of flu bug too, cause we got the same damn bug at the same time on opposite ends of the country. as you said, i haven't been this sick since grammar school. fun fun fun.

and i KNEW i'd see the firefly notice on your blog, frickin too late tho, at least i managed to catch the last two episodes of the run.

i'm pretty much done with it now except for the moderately frequent cough with the infrequent lung-butter prize at the end. can't WAIT never to have this again.

happy monday bro, get well soon.

Howard said...

I saw something on the news fri or sat saying it's throughout 44 states. This morning was definitely my best yet, so I'm passed the worst. Feel better yourself.