Thursday, February 21, 2008

Flu IV

I think I'm close to done with the flu. Tue I slept through the night with the aid of Nyquil, last night I did it without drugs. I still cough or blow my nose a bit, but I can breathe normally and that's a big win. I also lost about 4-5 lbs which is nice, we'll see if I can keep it off. I think today I'll try to catch the Oscar nominated short films at the Coolidge.


Shea said...

yep, i lost 5 lbs too. i ALSO seem to have developed bronchitis just afterward; i've been coughing steadily all week even tho all other flu symptoms are gone.

funny, our symptoms sure are mirroring each other HOWEVER i truly pray you don't mirror THESE symptoms.


Richard Koehler said...

I read your title not as Flu 4 but as Flu IV (intravenous) and was expecting the worst. Turns out you are doing better. Good.

Howard said...

I thought of that as I wrote it.