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Since a reader commented about Lost I'll do a Lost post. Yeah I'm into it. After each episode I and a group of friends exchange theories via email. What follows isn't all mine.

I thought the first episode of season 4 was just ok. It was nice to have Lost back but it didn't reveal anything near as mind blowing as any of the other season premieres (the pilot, the tail section, the Others' camp). Hurley is my favorite character so it was good to have a flash forward for him. His flash forward paralleled Jack's so there wasn't much new aside from debates about his visions of Charlie (see below).

I really liked the second episode. It was good to see all the Freighties even if Daniel's flashback was particularly vague. It seems like the different Frieghties have different reasons for coming to the island and in spite of Matthew Abaddon's mission description to Naomi, they might have different missions.

Miles says they're looking for Ben (and Frank seemed unsurprised by a "native"). We've previously seen Ethan and Richard in the real world (getting Juliet) so it's not that hard to believe Ben was off island too. However Naomi said she was looking for Desmond and had a photo. If Penny isn't involved (and if she is they are just screwing with Charlle's death) then it must be her father Charles Widmore.

My guess is the island has its secrets (probably alien if you go by the comic book and some of the strange happenings) and is hidden from the rest of the world via some kind of (electro-magnectic) shield. Locke not turning the key and Desmond "turning the sky purple" probably exposed it to the outside world (we saw the Polish researchers in the cold detect the event and tell Penny). Widmore was probably involved with Dharma and is looking for Ben to find out what happened when the hostiles destroyed Dharma. Or maybe Ben's been pretending to still be Dharma so the food drops keep coming. That would explain why Ben is so afraid of the Freighties and why he thinks they might want to kill everyone still alive on the island (since they killed Dharma).

I assume the Oceanic 6 are six Losties rescued from the island. It seems it's Jack, Hurley and Kate and three others. I''m guessing they get off the island via some means other than the Freighties. Since Hurley went with Locke and not Jack there must be something that happens to get them together. Also with the other Oceanic 815 found in the water, the six have to have some explanation for how they survived for several months, they could not have just floated. When Abbadon asked Hurley "if any of them are alive" I'm guessing he meant Naomi's team though it could have meant the others.

Something traumatic must have happened that Jack and Hurley have a secret. I don't see how Jack would leave the children from the flight who we and he saw with Cindy the stewardess, with the others on the island. Something big must have happened. Since we know they want to go back to the island, we know it's not destroyed and I assume people are still there.

My hope is that Ben was in the coffin but I can't explain how he would be part of the Oceanic 6 since he wasn't on 815 and the manifest list is well known. My best guess for someone on the plane would be Locke, but he probably would have been forced to leave the island.

I like some of the theories that involve time travel. We've seen Desmond go back and relive an event and he has reliable visions of the future. He told his physics professor friend Donovan about it and maybe he tells Penny and they muck things up for her father. One friend of mine has a hope that Desmond's time travel created a paradox and there are two Charlies. Remember Desmond walked by Charlie in his alternate past. Maybe the vision Hurley had was of a real alternate Charlie. Personally I think he was just Hurley seeing people.

To me the biggest mystery is who were the original hostiles (now others). Also, remember the corpses found in the cave in the season one? They're called Adam & Eve and the producers said they are related to the central mystery of the island. They're a plot plant to prove the writers had it all plotted out from the beginning. So any theory must take them into account. If there's time travel, they could be any of our Losties.


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Anonymous said...

That's some pretty good stuff.

Last night's episode shed a little more light on the points you made - good for Lost for actually moving the story forward. I never considered time travel as an explanation for why/how the island exists, but it very well could be. Interesting twist, but anytime there is time travel things get messy (perhaps this is just time phasing and they can do it cleanly).

The Freighties definitely have their own reasons for going to the island. Did you hear about the Fantastic Four comparisons to the Freighter Four? A bit of a stretch.

Thanks for the post!