Friday, October 11, 2013

Jon Stewart on Medican't

Brilliant segment last night, less funny and more angry than usual, and successfully explained something slightly complicated that most people don't understand. I just wish they didn't break up the video into two segments.

See it here: Medican't and Medican't - "Taker" States

I'm a little disappointed that he left out a more legit right-wing argument. I'm sure some don't want to take federal money because they feel the federal government is debt ridden and can't afford it. This is easily debunked. The Progressive House Caucus' Budget manages to balance the budget and pay for Medicaid and Obamacare should lower some overall healthcare costs. I think Medicaid has the most fiscal issues of the three entitlement programs (the other two are Social Security and Medicare) but it's solvable and Stewart might be the best person to explain it.

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