Thursday, October 17, 2013

Daily Show Clips

Apparently the embedded Daily Show clips I have posted are auto playing on some browsers (e.g., Chrome). I'm not sure why and I was using code that was supposed to set autoplay to false. Since this is ridiculously annoying and caused some readers to visit less frequently, I've changed the embeds to links on all posts that show up on the front page until I can figure out what's wrong. In the future, if you find something wrong with the blog, please let me know.


Richard said...

Thanks. I assumed it was my problem only and set my Chrome browser to not start plug-ins unless I clicked.

it was funny to hear four videos start at once and have a myriad of Jon Stewarts talk over himself, unless I was at work!

The Dad said...

The only problem I'm seeing is your lack of posts on the reopening of the government. Apparently you seem to go on vacation the same time Jon Stewart does.

Howard said...

Yeah, I use Click to Flash on Safari and didn't see the issue. I previously had the problem with Huffington Post or some other similar site and I stopped visiting for that reason.

I'm not quite caught up on my political feeds, but there isn't too much more to say :)