Thursday, January 14, 2010

When Glenn Met Sarah

I watched the first part of the Glenn Beck-Sarah Palin interview at Andrew Sullivan's blog: When Glenn Met Sarah. It's insane. These people talk in horoscopes!


DKB said...

It is SO hard to watch vapid, self-serving charlatans stumble through platitudes and drivel to line their pockets and mislead their sheep. If only the US really were the place they talk about for just a day, they'd be hauled off to some "black site" and never heard from again.

Anonymous said...

Beck is a moron, but I don't think he has any political aspirations, and is therefore relatively harmless. He strikes me a guy who just wants to make as much money as possible and he has found his ideal vehicle.

As far as S. Pailn is concerned, I find that divine intervention is really the only plausible explanation for the arc of her life.

The real problem is that she believes that too.