Friday, January 01, 2010

Movies Seen in 2009

I saw 300 movies in 2009. That's counting all entire films I saw. 262 were feature length and 32 were shorts (half live action, half animated). 6 were TV films.

I saw 37 in February, 34 in April and 32 in December. February was trying to see all the Oscar nominated films and seeing the shorts festivals. April was the Independent Film Festival of Boston and December was trying to get to 300.
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I saw 100 in the theater and 176 on Cable. Only 13 on Netflix, I think this year I'll make better use of my subscription. I watched 8 DVDs I own, saw 4 online and one streamed to my TiVo via Netflix. Counting only features and not shorts, i saw 75 films in a theater.

201 were from the 2000s and 238 were made in the US. 20 were from Britain, 7 from France and then the others from 20 different countries.
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264 of the films I saw for the first time, 36 I had seen before. I reviewed 67 of them. I rated them all on a scale from 1 (worst) to 5 (best). In the chart below the blue are the films I saw for the first time and the green are the ones I had seen before.
Screen shot 2010-01-01 at 3.55.11 PM.png

Here's the distribution of just the 2009 films
Screen shot 2010-01-01 at 3.57.26 PM.png

Here's all the films I saw, in the order I saw them, including their year, type, genre, nationality and my rating. I'll do a best of 2009 later, I still have 10 films to see, but I think I'm in pretty good shape for the seeing the Oscar nominated films (to be announced Feb 2nd).
Hold Your Man1933FeatureDramaUS3
Two For the Road1967FeatureDramaUS4
The Big Store1941FeatureComedyUS3
Revolutionary Road2008FeatureDramaUS2
Murder on the Orient Express1974FeatureMysteryUS2
Yonkers Joe2009FeatureDramaUS2
The Crowd1928FeatureDramaUS2
La Roue1923FeatureDramaFrance2
Vantage Point2008FeatureThrillerUS3
Beyond the Rocks1922FeatureDramaUS2
The Long Long Trailer1954FeatureComedyUS1
Harry and Son1984FeatureDramaUS2
The Milky Way1936FeatureComedyUS3
The Wrestler2008FeatureDramaUS3
Get Smart2008FeatureComedyUS3
13 Tzameti2005FeatureThrillerFrance3
Cassandra's Dream2008FeatureCrimeBritain2
The Champ1931FeatureComedyUS3
Welcome to Macintosh2008FeatureDocumentaryUS3
The Reader2008FeatureDramaUS4
Heavy Metal 20002000FeatureSci-FiUS1
Tropic Thunder2008FeatureComedyUS2
Funny Girl1968FeatureMusicalUS2
Waltz With Bashir2008FeatureDramaIsrael2
The War Room1993FeatureDocumentaryUS4
Designing Woman1957FeatureComedyUS2
Let the Right One In2008FeatureHorrorSweden5
Harold & Kumar 22008FeatureComedyUS2
The Jazz Singer1927FeatureMusicalUS3
Two Lovers2009FeatureDramaUS2
Kung-Fu Panda2008FeatureComedyUS2
The Band’s Visit2007FeatureDramaIsrael3
Grosse Point Blank1997FeatureThrillerUS5
The Class2008FeatureDramaFrance4
Right America2009TVDocumentaryUS3
La Maison en Petits Cubes2008ShortDramaJapan1
Hot Dog2008ShortComedyUS3
Lavatory - Lovestory2007ShortDramaRussia3
John and Karen2007ShortComedyBritain4
Gopher Broke2004ShortComedyUS4
This Way Up2008ShortDramaBritain4
Frozen River2008FeatureDramaUS4
Manon on the Asphalt2007ShortDramaFrance2
Auf Der Strecke (On the Line)2007ShortDramaGermany3
New Boy2007ShortDramaIreland3
Grisen (The Pig)2008ShortDramaDenmark3
The Last Detail1973FeatureDramaUS5
Taking Chance2009TVDramaUS3
Somebody Up There Likes Me1956FeatureDramaUS4
Coraline 3D2009FeatureFantasyUS2
City of Men2007FeatureCrimeBrazil3
Girl Shy1924FeatureComedyUS4
The Great Buck Howard2009FeatureComedyUS2
In the Time of Butterflies2001TVDramaUS3
I Love You, Man2009FeatureComedyUS4
Wild Boys of the Road1933FeatureDramaUS3
The Purchase Price1932FeatureDramaUS2
Trekkies 22004FeatureDocumentaryUS2
Just Another Love Story2009FeatureThrillerDenmark4
Sex and the City2008FeatureComedyUS3
The Killing1956FeatureCrimeUS4
Speed Racer2008FeatureActionUS1
Strip Search2004TVDramaUS4
Are We Still Married1992ShortMusicalUS1
Sin Nombre2009FeatureDramaMexico3
Pressure Point1962FeatureDramaUS4
The Brothers Bloom2009FeatureComedyUS5
The Missing Person2009FeatureCrimeUS2
That Evening Sun2009FeatureDramaUS4
Winnebago Man2009FeatureDocumentaryUS3
In the Loop2009FeatureComedyBritain5
Lost Son of Havana2009FeatureDocumentaryUS3
Prom Night in Mississippi2009FeatureDocumentaryUS4
The Burning Plain2009FeatureDramaUS4
O.W. Houts & Sons, Inc.2009ShortDocumentaryUS3
Food Inc.2009FeatureDocumentaryUS4
Shouting Fire2009FeatureDocumentaryUS4
The Escapist2009FeatureCrimeBritain5
I Knew it Was You2009ShortDocumentaryUS5
The Archive2009ShortDocumentaryUS5
Art & Copy2009FeatureDocumentaryUS3
For the Love of Movies2009FeatureDocumentaryUS3
World’s Greatest Dad2009FeatureComedyUS4
Trouble the Water2008FeatureDocumentaryUS4
The Godfather1972FeatureDramaUS5
The Godfather Part II1974FeatureDramaUS5
Feet First1930FeatureComedyUS3
The Cat’s Paw1934FeatureComedyUS2
The Private Life of Henry VIII1933FeatureDramaUS2
The Deer Hunter1978FeatureDramaUS5
Star Trek2009FeatureSci-FiUS3
Fools Rush In1997FeatureComedyUS3
The Incredible Hulk2008FeatureSci-FiUS3
Jurassic Park1993FeatureSci-FiUS5
The Freshman1925FeatureComedyUS4
Wayne’s World1992FeatureComedyUS4
Dog Day Afternoon1975FeatureCrimeUS4
Miss Pettigrew Lives For a Day2008FeatureComedyUS3
Sleep Dealer2009FeatureSci-FiMexico2
The Three Burials of Melquiades Estrada2005FeatureWesternUS3
Journey to the Center of the Earth2008FeatureAdventureUS3
North West Frontier1959FeatureAdventureBritain3
You Don’t Mess With the Zohan2008FeatureComedyUS2
X-Men Origins: Wolverine2009FeatureActionUS3
Prince Caspian2008FeatureFantasyUS2
A Sailor-Made Man1921FeatureComedyUS4
Find Me Guilty2006FeatureDramaUS3
Partly Cloudy2009ShortComedyUS3
The Girlfriend Experience2009FeatureDramaUS1
No Such Thing2001FeatureDramaUS2
The Nanny Diaries2007FeatureDramaUS2
The Verdict1982FeatureDramaUS3
Flash Gordon1980FeatureSci-FiUS3
The Hangover2009FeatureComedyUS4
Men of Honor2000FeatureDramaUS4
27 Dresses2008FeatureComedyUS2
Star Wars IV1977FeatureSci-FiUS5
Young People Fucking2007FeatureComedyUS2
Il Divo2009FeatureDramaItaly2
The Dark Knight2008FeatureActionUS5
Righteous Kill2008FeatureCrimeUS2
The Future We Will Create2007FeatureDocumentaryUS4
The Dark Knight2008FeatureActionUS5
The Taking of Pelham 1 2 32009FeatureCrimeUS3
Heaven Can Wait1943FeatureComedyUS3
The Long Goodbye1973FeatureCrimeUS2
X-Files: I Want to Believe2008FeatureSci-FiUS2
The Cincinnati Kid1965FeatureDramaUS3
Julie & Julia2009FeatureComedyUS4
Rosemary’s Baby1968FeatureHorrorUS4
Feast of Love2007FeatureDramaUS2
The Wolf Man1941FeatureHorrorUS3
The Happening2008FeatureHorrorUS1
Miracle at St. Anna2008FeatureWarUS3
Jeremiah Johnson1972FeatureWesternUS3
The Sin of Harold Diddlebock1947FeatureComedyUS4
Pineapple Express2008FeatureComedyUS2
Hurt Locker2009FeatureWarUS5
Baby Mama2008FeatureComedyUS2
Separate Tables1958FeatureDramaUS2
500 Days of Summer2009FeatureComedyUS4
For All Mankind1989FeatureDocumentaryUS5
The Great Train Robbery1979FeatureCrimeUS3
The Answer Man2009FeatureComedyUS3
Hail the Conquering Hero1944FeatureComedyUS4
Death Race2008FeatureActionUS2
The Virgin Spring1960FeatureDramaSweden3
Hour of the Wolf1968FeatureDramaSweden2
In the Loop2009FeatureComedyBritain5
Dr. Jack1922FeatureComedyUS3
Hot Water1924FeatureComedyUS3
District 92009FeatureSci-FiNew Zealand2
Planet of the Apes1968FeatureSci-FiUS5
Planet of the Vampires1965FeatureSci-FiItaly2
The Cove2009FeatureDocumentaryUS3
For Heaven’s Sake1926FeatureComedyUS4
Afghan Star2009FeatureDocumentaryBritain4
Welcome Danger1929FeatureComedyUS3
Man Bites Dog1992FeatureComedyFrance3
The Time Traveler’s Wife2009FeatureDramaUS3
The Chase1966FeatureDramaUS2
Night Train to Munich1940FeatureThrillerBritain4
La Dolce Vita1960FeatureDramaItaly3
The Outrage1964FeatureWesternUS3
The Man Between1953FeatureThrillerBritain3
Lions for Lambs2007FeatureDramaUS3
Bottle Shock2008FeatureDramaUS3
Million Dollar Baby1941FeatureComedyUS3
Binta and the Great Idea2004ShortDramaSpain4
State of Play2009FeatureThrillerUS4
Les Miserables1935FeatureDramaUS4
Nothing Sacred1937FeatureComedyUS3
Portrait of Jennie1948FeatureDramaUS3
Inglorious Basterds2009FeatureWarUS4
The Informant2009FeatureComedyUS3
Death at a Funeral2007FeatureComedyBritain4
Wonder Boys2000FeatureDramaUS3
The Baader Meinhof Complex2008FeatureDramaGermany3
The Plow That Broke the Plains1936ShortDocumentaryUS2
The Danish Poet2007ShortDramaNorway3
I Like It a Lot2004ShortComedyUS3
A Serious Man2009FeatureDramaUS5
Pride and Glory2008FeatureCrimeUS2
Nights in Rodanthe2008FeatureDramaUS3
The Taking of Pelham One Two Three1974FeatureCrimeUS5
Lakeview Terrace2008FeatureDramaUS2
Seven Pounds2008FeatureDramaUS3
Under Siege1992FeatureActionUS4
Where the Wild Things Are2009FeatureDramaUS5
Algie, the Miner1912ShortComedyUS2
I Like It a Lot2004ShortComedyUS3
An Education2009FeatureDramaBritain4
Ong Bak 2: The Beginning2009FeatureActionThailand2
Monty Python Live at the Hollywood Bowl1982FeatureComedyBritain4
Gran Torino2008FeatureDramaUS5
On the Waterfront1954FeatureDramaUS4
BSG: The Plan2009TVSci-FiUS3
Body of Lies2008FeatureThrillerUS2
Marley & Me2008FeatureDramaUS3
The Damned United2009FeatureDramaBritain3
What’s New Pussycat1965FeatureComedyUS1
Up in the Air2009FeatureComedyUS4
Bright Star2009FeatureDramaBritain2
Capitalism: A Love Story2009FeatureDocumentaryUS2
The Good Soldier2009FeatureDocumentaryUS5
Swing Vote2008FeatureComedyUS2
Jurassic Park III2001FeatureAdventureUS3
Pirate Radio2009FeatureComedyUK3
Babette’s Feast1987FeatureDramaDenmark4
The Men Who Stare at Goats2009FeatureComedyUS2
Red Cliff2008FeatureWarChina5
Oh God1977FeatureComedyUS3
The Messenger2009FeatureDramaUS4
The Cat Piano2009ShortHorrorAustralia3
Bad Lieutenant 22009FeatureCrimeUS2
Infernal Affairs2002FeatureCrimeChina4
For Whom the Bell Tolls1943FeatureDramaUS3
La Cucina2007FeatureDramaUS2
The International2009FeatureThrillerUS4
My Blue Heaven1990FeatureComedyUS3
Fantastic Mr. Fox2009FeatureComedyUS4
The Day the Earth Stood Still2008FeatureSci-FiUS2
The Road2009FeatureDramaUS3
A Boy and His Dog1975FeatureSci-FiUS2
He's Just Not That Into You2009FeatureComedyUS3
Get Smart2008FeatureComedyUS3
Rachel Getting Married2008FeatureDramaUS4
Return of the Jedi1983FeatureSci-FiUS5
Julie & Julia2009FeatureComedyUS4
Harvie Krumpet2003ShortComedyAustralia4
The Man from Earth2007FeatureSci-FiUS3
Loves of a Blonde1965FeatureComedyCzechoslovakia3
Pigeon: Impossible2009ShortComedyUS4
The Killers1946FeatureCrimeUS4
The Killers1964FeatureCrimeUS3
King of California2007FeatureComedyUS2
Hamlet 22008FeatureComedyUS2
Sita Sings the Blues2008FeatureDramaUS3


The Dad said...

And how many did u watch while recovering from nose surgery?

Howard said...

I think the season 1 DVD of The Big Bang Theory got me through that.

Anonymous said...

Ok, that's it, it's time to start working again

Irina said...

Is "In The Loop" so good that you had to watch it twice? Does not seem fair to count it twice though... Just kidding, thanks for all this good work.

On a tangent, there is a very good Grace Kelly article in The New Yorker. I promise you'll like it.

Howard said...

I can't wait to see In The Loop a third time :) I'm pretty sure it will be my second favorite film of the year. Tons of very fast snappy dialog (mostly insults). Brilliant stuff.

Thanks, I'll go read it.

Megs said...

Ok, I am in awe, this is amazing. The fact that you kept all this data ; that you have it so well organised (ok, that's no surprise) and that you watched THREE HUNDRED movies in one year. Wow. I don't think I even watched 30, and I had 6 roundtrip trans-Atlantic flights (which would mean 25+ movies easily).

How many books did you read in addition?

Howard said...

I have some friends in a film club that make end-of-year lists, so this year I kept track. Also, it was an excuse to use iWork Numbers.

Sadly I read only a handful of books. I did read a ton of graphic novels. I read The Atlantic, Sky & Telescope, Wired, MacWorld, Entertainment Weekly and some of the Economist. And countless things online.

I've done very few jigsaw puzzles. :)

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