Monday, January 25, 2010

Bill Moyers Journal This Week

Every week my TiVo records Bill Moyers Journal. About 10-20% of the time I recognize the guests and am thrilled to see someone interview them. The rest of the time I've never heard of the guest and then I watch and wonder where have these people been and why isn't more of the media like this?

This week he had Melissa Harris-Lacewell and Eric Alterman discuss Obama's first year. It's easily the most intelligent and reasoned conversation I've seen (or had) on the topic.

Then he had Scott Bittle and Jean Johnson talk about their new book Who Turned Out the Lights? "Your Guided Tour to the Energy Crisis". They framed the issue in the most accessible way I've ever heard.

The links above have both the video and transcripts of the segments. Watch or read them.


Roman said...

First time I have learned of John Stewart was on that show.

Howard said...

Thanks. I just read the transcript from his 2003 appearance and watched the video of his 2007 appearance. I think he's due for another.