Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Conan's Response

I'll say this, Conan wrote a classy letter.

I think it's really bizarre that in an age where people can't even remember not having a remote control for the TV and so many people having DVRs that the 10 o'clock lead in is such a significant factor for the local news. People didn't try all the local news broadcasts and pick the one they liked best? I guess not.

I'm also not at all surprised that Leno's ratings at 10 o'clock were bad. NBC should have expected that. I suspect they did and since the costs are less are fine with the profit they're making. But those local affiliates and their 11pm shows.

And if they need a lead in then I'm sure their poor ratings are affecting Conan's show too. So it all comes down to the fact that people don't want to watch Leno at 10pm, just cancel that show and get rid of Jay. He announced his late night retirement way back in 2004, so retire already. Or just stick to the standup shows he does each year and lives off the income of (he reportedly hasn't spent any of his Tonight Show earnings).

At this point I don't watch any of these guys regularly. I check and see if any of them have interesting guests and if so TiVo them and watch just that interview, and I'm usually disappointed. I haven't liked Letterman in years. Conan is ok. Leno's new show is far too obviously pre-scripted for me. I like that Craig Ferguson's monologue is improvised and his conversations are clearly spontaneous. Jimmy Fallon reminds me of Letterman from 20 years ago; spontaneous and audacious.

For my money, John Stewart is watch to watch at 11. You get the news and comedy at the same time.

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The Dad said...

Agreed. And to make it worse here, The FOX 10pm news is actually the local NBC news, in some bizarre partnership. Thus adding to the "who cares" conundrum.

Btw when I was a kid I had a B&W tv in my bedroom. The remote was a long aluminum stick with a slot cut in the end.