Friday, January 08, 2010

Apple: Pixels as Touch Sensors for Brighter, Thinner Screens

Pretty neat Apple patent, Apple: pixels as touch sensors for brighter, thinner screens. "Apple's idea takes advantage of the faster switching of poly-Si to drive the pixels one instant, and use the capacitive properties of the individual pixels as touch sensors the next. The switching happens fast enough to give a clear, bright display, as well as responsive touch sensing. The elimination of the separate touch-sensing layer also makes for a thinner, lighter, brighter, and simpler touchscreen unit."


DKB said...

Yes but does it mean there will be an iTablet? ;)

Howard said...

Seems pretty clear iSlate will be announce at the end of the month. Not clear if this tech is in it. But I'd guess Apple would get the patent applications in before the public announcement.