Wednesday, January 20, 2010

French Law for Everyone, DVDs Released 4 Months After Theaters

The Media Wonk wrote For ‘Avatar,’ three-strikes means a quick out. I've never heard of this before:

"Often overlooked in the hoopla surrounding the three-strikes provision in France’s Creation and the Internet law passed last year that established a procedure for cutting off Internet access for repeat copyright infringers, were other measures strictly regulating release windows for movies in France. Under the law, any movie released theatrically in France must be released on DVD and Blu-ray, as well as made available for authorized downloads, exactly four months after its theatrical debut.

Since Avatar was released in mid-December, Fox was technically obliged to release it on Blu-ray/DVD/ in mid-March April, although a separate provision in the law allows a distributor to petition for a one-time extension of the window in the case of very high-grossing films (or for quicker DVD release of  theatrical turkeys). That bought Fox another six weeks, to June 1, but that’s it."

Seems pretty crazy to me.


DKB said...

This is one of the reasons we suffer the scourge of region coding on DVDs and (I assume) BluRays.

Howard said...

I don't that follows. The French law is new and the article makes the argument that if they have to do a Region 2 disc, they might as well do the others as well.

Megs said...