Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Mass Backwards

I'll be casting another lessor of two evils vote today. Last night Jon Stewart expressed the frustration very well...

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There have been a ton of commercials by both sides. But I've noticed this, all the Brown commercials talk about him and all the Coakley commercials (with one exception with Vikki Kennedy's endorsement) are negative commercials describing Brown. The result, Scott Brown's name is out there far more than Coakley's. That can't be the right thing to do.


Anonymous said...

Stewart is very funny. Sure Coakley is a lousy campaigner, but I think this election is less about her (or Brown) than it is about Obama.

Obama had a golden opportunity to show indepedent working class voters (the old Reagan lunchpail democrats) that he is on their side. He has failed miserably in connecting with these swing voters, and will (along with other Democrats) suffer the political consequences of this mistake for the rest of his presidency.

Even if Coakley pulls a rabbit out her hat, the fact that Teddy Kennedy's senate seat might be won by a Republican, speaks volumes concerning how independent swing voters feel about the Obama presidency.

Howard said...

I don't think this election in MA has much to do with Obama. His support here is still very strong (he won with 62% of the vote). Coakley wasn't visible at all until a week and half ago.

I think this has more to do with polling and a one-off election. I suspect all the hype in the last few days will get the Dems out to vote and she'll win.

And while there might be a fair number of independents on the books in MA, there aren't really that many. Registered independents can pick a primary to vote in, so there's no great advantage to picking a party. A lot of people use the opportunity to vote in the other primary for a weaker candidate. Republicans wish there were swing voters in MA.

Howard said...

Oh and there are three names on the ballot, there's one independent, a Joe Kennedy, no relation. I suspect he'll do surprisingly well. :)

Anonymous said...

Yes, I saw that and started to laugh.

There will definitely be some votes cast for him from people who think they are voting for a "real Kennedy".

Any exit polls yet?