Thursday, September 25, 2008

McCain Camp To Propose Postponing VP Debate

I heard someone speculate about this idea last night now CNN reports it's true:
McCain camp to propose postponing VP debate. I guess she's so qualified we never need to hear from her.

Or maybe they're just afraid of more performances like this:

Here's the full interview.


kim said...

One analyst when commenting on the Gibson interview of Palin mentioned that people's response was like a "rorschach test". A positively predisposed viewer liked what they saw and a negatively predisplosed viewer hated what they saw. So the interview doesn't change people's minds. Likewise, this interview probably doesn't change a person's already formed opinion of Palin.

Another example: I pretty much gag whenever Bush speaks no matter what he says. Though I must say that in Bush's recent speech on the financial crisis his "smirk" seemed to be gone: it only took six years of war and a financial meltdown.

Howard said...

I heard such things too. I thought her interview was horrible but most of the Sunday morning commenters said it was a wash. I'm still in disbelief.

There's also this that suggests the debates don't change people's mind too much.

I too gag when Bush speaks (I'm sure no shock). His smirk was gone Wed but I think his speak was overly panicy. Also, I couldn't help but wonder if he understood the words he was saying. He stumbled a few times on the telepromter so I'm not sure.