Saturday, September 27, 2008

Quick Thoughts on the Debate

I watched the debates at a friend's house and we all thought they were fine. Neither side made a big mistake, they actually covered some real policy stuff. McCain didn't get angry, Obama wasn't too professorial. Neither side had a big scoring moment either. We didn't think it would change anyone's mind. For the undecided we thought people probably wouldn't have been put off by Obama. We thought the one good line was Obama saying "I have a bracelet too" and was surprised none of the post-debate commentators mentioned it.

My car ride home was just a mile long. I put on the NPR station and it was during a BBC program. A BBC news person was asking some guy with a thick southern accent what he thought of the debates. He said something pretty close to:

"Well I thought McCain came across as experienced and when he talked about foreign policy you got the sense he didn't learn it in a book but really was involved with all these events. Now I don't pretend to know everything about this stuff but Obama kept having to say that you're not representing my position correctly and constantly had to correct stuff and after a while you wonder if he he's really been changing his positions on things."

So there's an idiotic way to interpret things that I never would have thought of. But the worst part was the BBC announcer coming on saying "that was the Republican Governor of Mississippi explaining his views on the debate tonight".

Maybe Sarah Palin isn't the worst governor in the US.


Megs said...

Can I get that on a t-shirt?
"Obama: I have a bracelet, too."

LOL - actually this part of the debate is what I'm watching on CNN right now (11 a.m. London).

Natalie & Jessica's Dad said...

Agreed. One thing I noted is that McCain did a lousy job demonstrating he knows what to do domestically. Granted most of the debate focused on foreign policy, any time the subject of domestic issues came up he was vague.

I am SO looking forward to Palin vs. Biden next week. Of only we could get Lewis Black to host it.

Howard said...

Lewis Black would be the perfect host for that!

DKB said...

Wow... it just goes to show you how far some people can twist their minds to hear what they want to hear. You actually saw some redneck interviewed who assumed that since McCain continually misrepresents Obama's positions and Obama corrects him that it must mean Obama has been changing positions?

Howard, I know you have reservations about it, but don't you think it would be better if I were emperor than if we had to rely on people that stupid to cast a vote? Hopefully that dullard will be too stupid to find his polling place in November.

Howard said...

I don't know that I've ever expressed reservations about it.