Tuesday, September 30, 2008

On the Financial Mess

You Can't Rescue the Financial System If You Can't Read a Balance Sheet by John Hussman really goes to the next level in explaining the economic problems and what the bailout plan needs to address. Now if I could only remember everything I learned in that Financial Accounting course my dad made me take in college.

Paul Krugman explains where the money will come from. It's not so bad. James Galbraith tries to answer How Much Will It Cost and Will It Come Soon Enough? but I think he does a better job at explaining how the plan could be better.

FiveThirtyEight examines the bailing voting and sees Swing District Congressmen Doomed Bailout. Here's one economist's reaction to his congressman's vote. His update to that post is good reading as are the links he cites at the end. The above came from Freakonomics.

Here's a good overview of 10 links that explain how all this economic crisis relates to your investments.

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DKB said...

The "iWillTeachYouToBeRich" guy is pretty good overall, but he gets the new-vs-used car thing wrong with an absolutist approach. For someone who is terrified that a used car might be imperfect (and somehow expects a new car to be perfect... where do these people think used cars come from?) a good middle-ground option is Certified Pre-Owned. You pay slightly more than a private-party purchase (especially if you're a poor negotiator... you're dealing with those same car-dealer sharks.) You typically get good financing options, and you get very decent warranties. The fact that he was even considering a C-class when he was about to graduate from college tells me he "needs" a new car in a way that has nothing to do with transportation.