Sunday, September 21, 2008


Blogged from my iPhone using ShoZu.

Posted by ShoZu


DKB said...

I'm shocked that it took you more than 48 hours to make your first blog posting from the iPhone. How's the blogging interface?

Howard said...

Well I blogged as soon as I found the app to use. ShoZu looks pretty impressive, it can upload photos to dozens of different sites. The ability to do text only blog posts is a recent addition. It can also download and display feeds from various social sites.

The interface is eh. Like most things on the iPhone, you get a small text line and the keyboard takes up 1/2 the screen. My typing on it needs to improve. I did have the issue that I couldn't select the the description field on the next post with the image because the keyboard covered it up. So the text was added via bloggers web interface (on the mac not the iPhone).