Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Palin’s Speaking Demands

Think Progress reports Palin’s Speaking Demands Confirmed: $75K, SUVs, Deluxe Hotel Suites, Bendable Straws, And No Public Access "The full contract confirms her ‘diva’ demands, and provides new details, from her $75,000 price tag to other extravagances she requires:"

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Megs said...

While I'm sure this does not apply to Palin, I heard an NPR podcast with some 60s or 80s or whatever rock band about the "crazy demands" in contracts, like "only green M&Ms".

The reason was that if that part was satisfied, the band and manager knew that the contract had been read and could feel reasonably assured that all parts of the contract were followed - including the detailed instructions for the set construction, which was a huge matter of safety due to its complexity.

Thus, if they got to a city and no "green M&Ms only", they would know that they couldn't trust the set.