Saturday, August 28, 2010

A McDonald's Happy Meal Doesn't Age

NYC Artist Sally Davies Photography A McDonald's Happy Meal For 137 Days. NYC artist Sally Davies "took a Happy Meal sized burger and fries, put it on her living room table, and as Bravo says, decided to 'watch what happens.' She photographs said meal every day, and 137 days into the project (with no end in site), the results are remarkable in the fact that they're really unremarkable. To our eyes, the burger and fries look exactly on day 1 as day 137. Hungry yet?"


Megs said...

I'm sorry, I just cannot believe that there is no mold on the bun, nor maggots/flies on the 'meat'. I don't care if it is industrial-strenght-corn-startched-McDs-food ... one of those two would occur.

Howard said...

Apparently this has been done before. I've seen clips of people claiming they have McDs stuff for 4 and 10 years and that seems crazy. Morgan Spurlock apparently did a similar test at the end of Super Size Me which I don't remember but is easily googled. In that the burger did go moldy (kept in a sealed glass jar) though after a couple weeks longer than other burgers, but the fries didn't after 10 weeks. I'd guess it's because the frying oil created an oxygen free seal or such thing though he did have other (steak) fries that went moldy quickly. I'm not interested in trying the experiment myself.