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Movies Seen in 2015

Previous Years: 2014, 2013, 2012, 2011

In 2015 I saw 226 feature length movies and 37 short films (those under 40 mins). That's a little more than the last three years.

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77% first run features is a little less than last year. I rewatched all the Bond films and the Star Wars films.

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I rate on the Netflix 5 point scale where 1 is hated, 2 is didn't like, 3 is I liked it, 4 is really liked and 5 is loved.

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I had a pretty average curve for me.

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Similar to last year I saw 68 features in the theater and most of the rest on cable. I only watched 2 films on Netlix this year, 2 on DVD or Blu-ray and 7 streaming.

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I've got a few theaters I go to regularly, though the Somerville gets so much because of IFFBoston. The shorts I see in the theater are the Oscar nominees when they show them at the Coolidge. Boston got a new theater this year at Assembly Row, next year there will be more food choices nearby so I'll probably go more often.

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I watched a ton in January, had my usually IFFBoston peak in April and watched a lot in October. My shorts viewing is in February for the Oscars, April for IFFBoston, and December when I found some National Film Registry shorts online.

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Yet again, my viewing was really skewed towards recent films this year. I saw 71 features from 2015 and 63 from 2014.

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Last year May and June were barren months for Oscar nominated films, this year it's just April. These are films from any year that got a nomination or won, not just from last year's Oscars. They also (obviously) don't include any films that came out this year that will get nominated on Thursday.

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Yet again I feel like I need to see more foreign films:

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I break down films into five genres that I'm pretty happy with. I then use some sub-genres and I still have a hard time putting every film in one. There are lots of Dramas and Comedies that have no sub-genre. But here's how it looks for this year:

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Below are all the films I saw in 2015:

Jan 1Dr. No1962FeatureBritain4
Jan 1Gimme Shelter1970FeatureUS2
Jan 1Inception2010FeatureUS5
Jan 2At the Circus1939FeatureUS3
Jan 2Room Service1938FeatureUS3
Jan 3CBGB2013FeatureUS3
Jan 3Go West1940FeatureUS3
Jan 4A Night at the Opera1935FeatureUS4
Jan 4Wild2014FeatureUS4
Jan 7Sidewalks of New York1931FeatureUS3
Jan 10Blood Ties2014FeatureUS4
Jan 10Parker2013FeatureUS4
Jan 10Superman/Batman: Apocalypse2010FeatureUS3
Jan 10The Other Woman2014FeatureUS1
Jan 10Transcendence2014FeatureUS2
Jan 11Frequencies2014FeatureBritain3
Jan 11Selma2014FeatureBritain3
Jan 11The Talented Mr. Ripley1999FeatureUS4
Jan 13Inherent Vice2014FeatureUS2
Jan 15and My Moulton2014ShortCanada2
Jan 15The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift2006FeatureUS2
Jan 15The Phone Call2014ShortBritain4
Jan 17Finding Vivian Maier2014FeatureUS4
Jan 17Godzilla2014FeatureUS1
Jan 18American Sniper2014FeatureUS3
Jan 19Our Hospitality1923FeatureUS4
Jan 24Captain America: The Winter Soldier2014FeatureUS5
Jan 25A Most Violent Year2014FeatureUS2
Jan 25Superman/Batman: Public Enemies2009FeatureUS2
Jan 31Bears2014FeatureUS3
Jan 31Everything or Nothing2012FeatureBritain4
Jan 31Night Will Fall2014FeatureBritain4
Jan 31The Angriest Man in Brooklyn2014FeatureUS2
Jan 31The Heartbreak Kid1972FeatureUS3
Jan 31They Came Together2014FeatureUS1
Feb 1Being John Malkovich1999FeatureUS4
Feb 1Noah2014FeatureUS1
Feb 2E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial1982FeatureUS4
Feb 2Never Say Never Again1983FeatureBritain3
Feb 2Octopussy1983FeatureBritain2
Feb 7A View to a Kill1985FeatureBritain2
Feb 7The Living Daylights1987FeatureBritain3
Feb 10Man with a Movie Camera1929FeatureRussia3
Feb 16Belle2014FeatureUS3
Feb 20Aya2014ShortIsrael4
Feb 20Boogaloo and Graham2014ShortBritain4
Feb 20Butter Lamp2014ShortChina3
Feb 20Feast2014ShortUS4
Feb 20Parvaneh2014ShortSwitzerland3
Feb 21A Single Life2014ShortNetherlands4
Feb 21Bus Story2014ShortCanada2
Feb 21Duet2014ShortUS2
Feb 21Footprints2014ShortUS2
Feb 21Me and My Moulton2014ShortCanada3
Feb 21Sweet Cocoon2014ShortFrance3
Feb 21The Bigger Picture2014ShortBritain3
Feb 21The Dam Keeper2014ShortUS2
Mar 5The Fifth Estate2013FeatureUS3
Mar 7CitizenFour2014FeatureUS4
Mar 7Edge of Tomorrow2014FeatureUS4
Mar 8Cloud Atlas2012FeatureUS4
Mar 8For Your Eyes Only1981FeatureBritain3
Mar 8Kingsman: The Secret Service2015FeatureBritain4
Mar 10V for Vendetta2005FeatureUS3
Mar 14From Russia With Love1963FeatureBritain4
Mar 15’712015FeatureBritain3
Mar 15Diamonds Are Forever1971FeatureBritain2
Mar 15License to Kill1989FeatureBritain2
Mar 15You Only Live Twice1967FeatureBritain4
Mar 21Transformers: Age of Extinction2014FeatureUS1
Mar 22The Unforgiven1960FeatureUS3
Mar 22Wild Tales2014FeatureArgentina4
Mar 24Live and Let Die1973FeatureBritain3
Mar 25A Million Ways to Die in the West2014FeatureUS2
Mar 29Kumiko: The Treasure Hunter2014FeatureUS2
Mar 30Going Clear: Scientology and the Prison of Belief2015FeatureUS4
Apr 4Fast Five2011FeatureUS3
Apr 5Furious 72015FeatureUS2
Apr 5The Expendables 32014FeatureUS2
Apr 5The Man With the Golden Gun1974FeatureBritain2
Apr 7Analogue People in a Digital World2015ShortIreland1
Apr 7Elgin Park2015ShortUS3
Apr 11Henry Fool1997FeatureUS2
Apr 12Fay Grim2006FeatureUS2
Apr 12Ned Rifle2015FeatureUS3
Apr 19Ex Machina2015FeatureUS4
Apr 22The End of the Tour2015FeatureUS4
Apr 23(T)error2015FeatureUS3
Apr 23Finders Keepers2015FeatureUS4
Apr 24The Tribe2015FeatureUkraine3
Apr 24Top Spin2015FeatureUS3
Apr 25Call Me Lucky2015FeatureUS5
Apr 25Deathgasm2015FeatureNew Zealand3
Apr 25GTFO2015FeatureUS3
Apr 25Stray Dog2015FeatureUS3
Apr 25Welcome to Leith2015FeatureUS4
Apr 26A Brilliant Young Mind2015FeatureBritain4
Apr 26A Well Designed Plan2015ShortUS4
Apr 26Blackwell2015ShortUS3
Apr 26Central Market2015ShortBahrain2
Apr 26Starman2015ShortUS3
Apr 26The Keeping Room2015FeatureUS4
Apr 26The Look of Silence2015FeatureIndonesia5
Apr 26Tobacco Burn2015ShortUS4
Apr 27Cartel Land2015FeatureUS4
Apr 27Future Shock! The Story of 2000AD2015FeatureBritain3
Apr 28I’ll See You in My Dreams2015FeatureUS4
Apr 28The Wolfpack2015FeatureUS3
Apr 29Me and Earl and the Dying Girl2015FeatureUS5
Apr 30Comic Book Heaven2014ShortUS3
May 1Avengers: Age of Ultron2015FeatureUS4
May 3The World is Not Enough1999FeatureBritain2
May 3Tomorrow Never Dies1997FeatureBritain3
May 99-Man2014FeatureUS3
May 10Far From the Maddening Crowd2015FeatureBritain4
May 11The Fault in Our Stars2014FeatureUS4
May 12Guardians of the Galaxy2014FeatureUS4
May 14Coney Island1917ShortUS3
May 15Die Another Day2002FeatureBritain3
May 15Life of Crime2013FeatureUS2
May 15Magic in the Moonlight2014FeatureUS3
May 16Captain America: The Winter Soldier2014FeatureUS5
May 16Goldfinger1964FeatureBritain4
May 16Pitch Perfect 22015FeatureUS3
May 17Footloose1984FeatureUS3
May 17Mad Max: Fury Road2015FeatureAustralia4
May 17X-Men: Days of Future Past2014FeatureUS4
May 25Hercules2014FeatureUS2
May 25Mission Impossible III2006FeatureUS4
May 25Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan1982FeatureUS4
May 31Slow West2015FeatureBritain2
Jun 2The Silver Chalace1954FeatureUS1
Jun 2The Wind1928FeatureUS3
Jun 5Saratoga1937FeatureUS2
Jun 6The Equalizer2014FeatureUS3
Jun 7Begin Again2014FeatureUS3
Jun 7I Origins2014FeatureUS2
Jun 7The Judge2014FeatureUS2
Jun 9Deep Web2015FeatureUS3
Jun 9RoboCop2014FeatureUS3
Jun 9Somebody Up There Likes Me1956FeatureUS4
Jun 11Gosford Park2001FeatureBritain3
Jun 12Boyhood2014FeatureUS2
Jun 12Million Dollar Arm2014FeatureUS3
Jun 13Gun Crazy1950FeatureUS3
Jun 13I, An Actress1977ShortUS2
Jun 13Ministry of Fear1944FeatureUS3
Jun 13The Letter1940FeatureUS3
Jun 14Jurassic World2015FeatureUS3
Jun 17A Dog’s Life1918ShortUS3
Jun 17Greed1924FeatureUS4
Jun 17The Circus1928FeatureUS5
Jun 18No Good Deed2014FeatureUS2
Jun 30Amy2015FeatureBritain4
Jul 1Inside Out2015FeatureUS3
Jul 3The Paleface1922ShortUS3
Jul 5Doctor Zhivago1965FeatureBritain2
Jul 5Underworld U.S.A.1961FeatureUS3
Jul 12The Overnight2015FeatureUS2
Jul 18Ladies in Retirement1941FeatureUS3
Jul 18The Rewrite2014FeatureUS3
Jul 19Ant-Man2015FeatureUS4
Jul 19The Big Broadcast of 19371936FeatureUS3
Jul 19This is Where I Leave You2014FeatureUS3
Jul 21Complicit2013FeatureBritain2
Jul 22Meshes of the Afternoon1943ShortUS2
Jul 24Big Hero 62014FeatureUS4
Jul 24Star Trek: First Contact1996FeatureUS4
Jul 25It’s a Mad Mad Mad Mad World1963FeatureUS5
Jul 25John Wick2014FeatureUS5
Jul 25The Russians are Coming, The Russians are Coming1966FeatureUS4
Jul 25Whiplash2014FeatureUS5
Jul 26Trainwreck2015FeatureUS3
Aug 1Lucy2014FeatureFrance4
Aug 1The Hunger Games: Mockingjay, Part 12014FeatureUS3
Aug 1Foxcatcher2014FeatureUS2
Aug 1The To Do List2013FeatureUS3
Aug 2Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation2015FeatureUS4
Aug 4The Good Lie2014FeatureUS4
Aug 4The Sting1973FeatureUS5
Aug 8Tell2014FeatureUS3
Aug 8Playing it Cool2014FeatureUS3
Aug 9The Hobbit: The Battle of Five Armies2014FeatureNew Zealand2
Aug 9Rooster Cogburn1975FeatureUS4
Aug 10The Unknown1927FeatureUS3
Aug 23American Ultra2015FeatureUS2
Aug 30The Man from UNCLE2015FeatureUS1
Sep 5The Ipcress File1965FeatureBritain3
Sep 6It’s a Gift1934FeatureUS3
Sep 6The Diary of a Teenage Girl2015FeatureUS3
Sep 10We’ll Never Have Paris2014FeatureUS3
Sep 20Black Mass2015FeatureUS3
Sep 24Into The Woods2014FeatureUS2
Sep 24Why We Laugh: Funny Women2013FeatureUS3
Sep 26Words and Pictures2014FeatureUS3
Sep 26Interstellar2014FeatureUS4
Sep 27Teacher’s Pet1958FeatureUS4
Sep 27Unbroken2014FeatureUS2
Sep 27Mr. Turner2014FeatureBritain4
Oct 4The Martian2015FeatureUS5
Oct 5Room2015FeatureUS4
Oct 9Akeelah and the Bee2006FeatureUS4
Oct 11Sicario2015FeatureUS2
Oct 11Focus2015FeatureUS3
Oct 16The Life and Times of Rosie the Riveter1980FeatureUS4
Oct 16Jupiter Ascending2015FeatureUS2
Oct 17The General1927FeatureUS5
Oct 17The Coconuts1929FeatureUS3
Oct 18Bridge of Spies2015FeatureUS4
Oct 21Rally ‘Round the Flag, Boys!1958FeatureUS2
Oct 23Taken 32015FeatureUS2
Oct 23The Boy Next Door2015FeatureUS2
Oct 24Compared to What? The Improbably Journey of Barney Frank2015FeatureUS3
Oct 24Wild Card2015FeatureUS2
Oct 24The Day of the Jackal1973FeatureBritain5
Oct 24Magnolia1999FeatureUS4
Oct 25Sin City: A Dame to Kill For2014FeatureUS2
Oct 25Find Me Guilty2006FeatureUS3
Oct 25Where to Invade Next2015FeatureUS3
Oct 26The Invitation2015FeatureUS2
Oct 27Steve Jobs2015FeatureUS2
Oct 28The Assassin2015FeatureChina2
Oct 29Anomalisa2015FeatureUS4
Nov 1Maps to the Stars2014FeatureUS2
Nov 2The Crowd1928FeatureUS3
Nov 5Casino Royale2006FeatureBritain4
Nov 6The Jackal1997FeatureUS2
Nov 7Blackhat2105FeatureUS1
Nov 8Quantum of Solace2008FeatureBritain2
Nov 8Black Hawk Down2001FeatureUS4
Nov 8Spectre2015FeatureBritain2
Nov 14Third Person2013FeatureUS2
Nov 15Kill the Messenger2014FeatureUS3
Nov 15Spotlight2015FeatureUS4
Nov 22The Hunger Games: Mockingjay, Part 22015FeatureUS2
Nov 23One Week1920ShortUS4
Nov 23The Theory of Everything2014FeatureBritain4
Nov 25Creed2015FeatureUS4
Nov 25Bernie2011FeatureUS4
Nov 26Gone Girl2014FeatureUS4
Nov 29Trumbo2015FeatureUS4
Dec 1Suffragette2015FeatureBritain4
Dec 7Spearhunter2015ShortUS3
Dec 8Brooklyn2015FeatureIreland4
Dec 11Star Wars IV: A New Hope1977FeatureUS5
Dec 123 1/2 Minutes, 10 Bullets2015FeatureUS2
Dec 12Star Wars V: The Empire Strikes Back1980FeatureUS5
Dec 12Star Wars VI: Return of the Jedi1983FeatureUS4
Dec 13Divergent II: Insurgent2015FeatureUS2
Dec 13Hitchcock/Truffaut2015FeatureUS4
Dec 14Bee Movie2007FeatureUS3
Dec 16Black and Tan Fantasy1929ShortUS3
Dec 16Dream of a Rarebit Fiend1906ShortUS3
Dec 16Edison Kinetoscopic Record of a Sneeze1894ShortUS3
Dec 16The Inner World of Aphasia1968ShortUS3
Dec 16John Henry and the Inky-Poo1946ShortUS3
Dec 16The Old Mill1937ShortUS4
Dec 16The Story of Menstruation1946ShortUS3
Dec 17Star Wars VII: The Force Awakens2015FeatureUS5
Dec 19Aloha2015FeatureUS2
Dec 20Sisters2015FeatureUS3
Dec 25Star Wars VII: The Force Awakens2015FeatureUS5
Dec 27The Big Short2015FeatureUS4

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