Wednesday, January 06, 2016

Hasbro is Adding Rey to Star Wars Monopoly After Criticism From Fans

It's completely unfathomable to me that Star Wars toys have left out Rey. The Verge reports Hasbro is adding Rey to Star Wars Monopoly after criticism from fans. What idiot eliminated her in the first place? And what other idiots didn't catch it or allowed it to go through?

And they're not the only one. "A six-pack of action figures available at Target eschewed Rey in favor of a generic Resistance pilot, while a Millennium Falcon play set included only Chewbacca and John Boyega's Finn, despite the fact it's preternaturally gifted pilot Rey who's handed the keys to the iconic ship."


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Richard said...

It's like they have a girls have cooties manager making these decisions. Are these companies run by really conservative people, old people, out-of-touch people, or childless people?

Is it possible they have market or sales data that says it is financially appropriate to leave out the girl figurines? I would think that the backlash when these things are noticed would have a negative financial effect, but maybe that isn't large either.

I suppose have just listed several hypotheses that I will probably never be able to find the data to answer.