Wednesday, January 06, 2016

All Time Highest Grossing Movies in the Domestic Market, Inflation Adjusted

I keep seeing stuff about how The Force Awakens has beaten Titanic or Avatar as the highest grossing movie in US history. Bullshit. The only valid comparison is to use inflation adjusted numbers. Here's that chart:

All Time Highest Grossing Movies in the Domestic Market Since 1977, Inflation Adjusted ""

The inflation adjustment scale has some issues but The Force Awakens has so far made about half of what Episode IV made and Gone with the Wind is the highest grossing of all time (in part helped by multiple theatrical releases, but same with A New Hope).

Here's the Worldwide Inflation-Adjusted Highest Grossing Films Of All Time chart (currently up through Nov 19, 2015). TFA has made about $1.550 billion worldwide so it's probably about 10th, and it hasn't opened in China yet (though they don't have anywhere near the fandom with Star Wars as we do).

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