Thursday, February 12, 2009


Last night I managed to get some sleep, so that helped a good deal. I also have been off the percoset for 24 hours now, Tylenol seems to do the trick. My nose is still pretty clogged (with rather disgusting stuff) but I can't blow it like a normal person. That would involve closing one nostril at a time and blowing and pushing against your nose is not what you want to do when you're setting a deviated septum. The roof of my mouth is a little numb and my upper teeth hurt as if I had some dental work (all the nerves are connected). I get some sharp twinges of pain in my nose every now and then, I'm not sure if I can feel the edge of the plastic splint or not. Overall this feels at the level of having the flu but it's less consistent; it's sometimes better and sometimes worse. But it's definitely an improvement from a couple of days ago.

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pj said...

Oh Howard, I only just heard as the Lost e-mail came today. So sorry, sounds awful but improving and I hope you feel better and are glad you had it done in the end. Remind me to do a better job keeping up with friends' blogs.

(This is Alison by the way)