Friday, February 20, 2009

iPhone ToDo Apps Review

Here's a review of iPhone ToDo apps. I don't use one but I suspect I'll start looking for one soon.

I was using iGTD on the mac and loved it, but it became more unstable on Leopard and development stopped. I've looked at a few replacements but I'm not paying $80 for OmniFocus, I don't really like Things, and Midnight Inbox while clever, can't seem to get released. The Hit List is new and in beta and looks promising, I hope it can deliver. And I think all of these plan to have companion iPhone apps.


paul said...

I have been using Things - both Mac and iPhone versions - and have been pleased. Yes, they sync. What don't you like about Things?

(P.S. Note my clever use of HTML tags - and you thought I couldn't program!)

Howard said...

I haven't tried the iPhone app at all and it's been a while since I've used the mac app. I didn't like how it handled repeat todos though I don't remember the details. The fact that everything was a tag was interesting but I didn't like how they displayed (it was easier to compare priorities with actual columns) and I didn't like that I couldn't sort the items the way you would by clicking on a column heading in most apps. Also I remember needed to do more mouse clicks than I wanted. My preference is for pure keyboard navigation and entry. Also adding links to URLs and people wasn't as nice as in iGTD.

That said, if I really needed one today, I'd probably pick things. Then again, I plan on getting back to the Cocoa book next week...