Sunday, September 30, 2007

Giant Corn Maze

I went with some friends about 45 mins west to Davis Farmland in Sterling, MA. They have a giant cornfield maze to wander through that was pretty fun and difficult (just taking all lefts doesn't let you solve it). There are seven bridges through the maze and several stations. You can just try to find the exit or try to find all the things and go over all the bridges. They also have apple picking and another park for kids.


Natalie & Jessica's Dad said...

Did you bring Santa's Little Helper with you just in case you got lost?

Howard said...

Yeah and he got lost.

MikeF said...

3 years in a row to the Mega-Maze for me. The kids love it. And it is fun for adults too.

For younger kids, Davis Farmland across the street is an absolute gem.