Thursday, September 27, 2007

New TV Season

Some thoughts on the new TV season so far...

Journeyman - has a lot of potential. Like one of my fav books "Replay" or like Quantum leap for a better known reference. I think it will be less about the sci-fi and more about the dramatic stories.
Cane - a cross between the Sopranos and Dynasty and I don't care.
Bionic Woman - I didn't like any of the characters in the pilot and found their actions and reactions completely unbelievable. As an example, at the end the Oscar Goldman-like character seems to do exactly the wrong thing to recruit a new agent to his organization.
Private Practice - The pilot spent its time with dumb quirky cases instead of getting to know the characters. If it continues like that I won't like it.
Chuck - Didn't care for it. The tech stuff was crazy stupid, but so were the plot and the characters. It's going for a comedic Alias vibe and the combination isn't working at all.
The Big Bang Theory - A sitcom of beauty and the geeks. The pilot was standard dumb sitcom fare, but the physics was right though used at the wrong times. Still I was surprised that I laughed a few times and kinda liked it. I'll try it again and see.
Back To You - Another sitcom, set in a TV news station in Pittsburgh with two ex's working together again. I've seen two episodes and it's Just okay enough to try again.

House - I really like this show and I really liked the season opener. It's Sherlock Holmes in a hospital with good writing and consistently new riffs on the same characters with the same character traits. You get a lot of freedom if you allow smart characters to be cruel to each other.
The Unit - I liked the first season and really liked the second season opener. Good twisty plot and action. What else would you expect from David Mamet?
Heroes - The opener was just ok, with potential. Like much of the first season.
Dexter - Just finished the first season and it's probably my favorite show. The lead is particularly compelling as a serial killer working as a CSI and keeping his true self hidden from his coworkers, sister and girlfriend. I love how the voiceovers convert what would be typically banal scenes into something completely different.
Weeds - I've found previous seasons to be good but not great. I enjoyed the episodes but didn't look forward to them. This season I've found a lot of fun. My favorite small bit was when the drug dealer switched his crew to driving hybrid cars because they're silent when sneaking up for a driveby.
The War - The new Ken Burns series on WWII is fantastic.


Sean said...

Dexter is great, I'm looking forward to the premiere this Sunday!

Coco and I watched "Bionic Woman" just before we left for spain since the Tivo let us download the pilot early from Amazon. It was meh, but we're probably going to give it a few more episodes..

I have a few episodes of "The War" lined up on the Tivo, but haven't been in the necessary mood yet..

Anonymous said...

Eureka season 2!