Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Last Week Bush Spoke, Uh Lied

I was traveling and didn't see Bush's speech last week. I just watched the video on YouTube here. Andrew Sullivan wrote "He seemed almost broken to me". Maybe but I don't care about that.

The Washington Post did some fact checking. I think they were polite in saying "In his speech last night, President Bush made a case for progress in Iraq by citing facts and statistics that at times contradicted recent government reports or his own words." I would say the President repeated lied to us.

He didn't mention the lack of political progress even he mentioned recently. And what do you call getting something like this just wrong: "Bush also thanked "the 36 nations who have troops on the ground in Iraq." But the State Department's most recent weekly report on Iraq said there are 25 countries supplying 11,685 troops -- about 7 percent of the size of the U.S. forces." Can he and his staff actually not know how many countries are there?

I saw This Week and the panel agreed that a centralized government won't happen and there is no political plan for what to actually put in its place. Tom Friedman said no democrat has a plan for anything other than a centralized government, I guess he hasn't heard Joe Biden speak. On Meet the Press while John McCain continued the lies, John Kerry spoke the truth and called him on it in the most monotone boring way possible.

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Seven Star Hand said...

Hello Howard,

There have been some pivotal insights into the true nature of the Bush/Cheney crew, it's cohorts, and their long-term deceptions in recent days.

Why use the number 36, in Thursday the 13th's speech?

Want to know the true significance of the number 36 in Bush's speech? There obviously are not 36 countries fighting in "Babble on." So why did our Bonesman President use it in his speech Thursday the 13th?

Discerning the truth about the USA