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Movies Seen in 2016

Previous Years: 2015, 2014, 2013, 2012, 2011

In 2016 I saw 259 feature length movies and 49 short films (those under 40 mins). That’s the most I’ve seen in a year other than 2011 where I went crazy and saw 366 features and 30 short films.

84% Features and 16% Shorts

80% first run features is basically average for me.

Features were 80% first run, Shorts 98%

I rate on the Netflix 5 point scale where 1 is hated, 2 is didn’t like, 3 is I liked it, 4 is really liked and 5 is loved.

Features: 1:8, 2:47, 3:102, 4:83, 5:19

I had a pretty average curve for me.

Feature ratings by year back to 2009

I saw 83 features in the theater and most of the rest on cable. I only watched 3 films on Netlix this year, none on DVD or Blu-ray and only 1 online.

Screen Shot 2017 01 05 at 12 29 56 PM

I’ve got a few theaters I go to regularly, though the Somerville gets so much because of IFFBoston. The shorts I see in the theater are the Oscar nominees, this year I saw them at the Kendall, the others at the Somerville are some shorts packages at IFFBoston. Assembly Row opened in 2015, it’s nice but I only made it 4 times.

Screen Shot 2017 01 05 at 12 36 49 PM

My monthly viewing was a little odd with big months in January, July and December. Maybe I just binged in weather that was too cold or too hot. This year IFFBoston was split over the end of April and beginning of May so neither month peaked too high. But I caught 40 of the 2016 films, 18 features, and 22 shorts.

Screen Shot 2017 01 05 at 12 37 41 PM

Yet again, my viewing was really skewed towards recent films this year. I saw 79 features from 2016 and 67 from 2015. All the shorts I saw were from 2014 or later.

Screen Shot 2017 01 05 at 12 45 57 PM

Last year April was the only barren month for Oscar nominated films, this year it’s just February which seems odd, I guess I caught all the nominees in Jan or during the year. These are films from any year that got a nomination or won, not just from last year’s Oscars. They also (obviously) don’t include any films that came out this year that will get nominated later this month.

Screen Shot 2017 01 05 at 12 47 40 PM

Yet again I feel like I need to see more foreign films:

5 foreign features and 214 US features, 11 foreign shorts and 38 US shorts

I break down films into five genres that I’m pretty happy with. I then use some sub-genres and I still have a hard time putting every film in one. There are lots of Dramas and Comedies that have no sub-genre. But here’s how it looks for this year:

Screen Shot 2017 01 05 at 12 58 56 PM

Below are all the films I saw in 2016:

Jan 3Top Five2014FeatureUS4
Jan 3Shadow of the Thin Man1941FeatureUS3
Jan 3The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel2015FeatureBritain3
Jan 3The Billion Dollar Brain1967FeatureBritain2
Jan 3What We Do In the Shadows2014FeatureNew Zealand2
Jan 5The Hateful Eight2015FeatureUS4
Jan 9Mad Max: Fury Road2015FeatureAustralia5
Jan 9The Hundred-Foot Journey2014FeatureUS3
Jan 9Dear Albania2015FeatureUS3
Jan 10Joy2015FeatureUS2
Jan 14Cinderella2015FeatureBritain3
Jan 16Dead End1937FeatureUS4
Jan 16St. Vincent2014FeatureUS4
Jan 16Jackie Brown1997FeatureUS3
Jan 16Listen to Me Marlon2015FeatureBritain3
Jan 1652 Pick-Up1986FeatureUS2
Jan 17What Happened Miss Simone?2015FeatureUS3
Jan 17The Revenant2015FeatureUS3
Jan 18The Blue Bird1918FeatureUS2
Jan 19The Danish Girl2015FeatureBritain3
Jan 21The Spymasters: CIA in the Crosshairs2015FeatureUS4
Jan 22Carol2015FeatureUS2
Jan 23Avengers: Age of Ultron2015FeatureUS4
Jan 2445 Years2015FeatureBritain3
Jan 24Entourage2015FeatureUS2
Jan 25The Best Years of Our Lives1946FeatureUS4
Jan 25The Helen Morgan Story1957FeatureUS2
Jan 27The Imitation Game2014FeatureBritain4
Jan 28Winter on Fire2015FeatureUkraine4
Jan 30Sounder1972FeatureUS4
Jan 30Superbad2007FeatureUS4
Jan 31Bear Story2015ShortChile4
Jan 31Sanjay's Super Team2015ShortUS4
Jan 31We Can't Live Without Cosmos2015ShortRussia4
Jan 31Prologue2015ShortBritain4
Jan 31Catch It2015ShortFrance4
Jan 31World of Tomorrow2015ShortUS3
Jan 31If I Were God2015ShortCanada3
Jan 31The Loneliest Spotlight2015ShortUS3
Jan 31The Short Story of a Fox and a Mouse2015ShortFrance3
Feb 6Tomorrowland2015FeatureUS2
Feb 7Hail, Caesar!2016FeatureUS2
Feb 13Kingsman: The Secret Service2015FeatureBritain4
Feb 13The Leisure Class2015FeatureUS1
Feb 14Day One2015ShortUS5
Feb 14Shok2015ShortBritain4
Feb 14Stutterer2015ShortBritain4
Feb 14Ave Maria2015ShortFrance3
Feb 14Everything Will Be Okay2015ShortGermany3
Feb 21Magic Mike XXL2015FeatureUS3
Feb 21Deadpool2016FeatureUS3
Feb 28Rejected2000ShortUS2
Feb 29San Andreas2015FeatureUS1
Mar 1Star Wars VII: The Force Awakens2015FeatureUS4
Mar 2Knight of Cups2016FeatureUS1
Mar 6The Witch2016FeatureUS2
Mar 10Spy2015FeatureUS3
Mar 10Eye in the Sky2015FeatureBritain3
Mar 12Love & Mercy2015FeatureUS3
Mar 1310 Cloverfield Lane2016FeatureUS4
Mar 16Body Team 122015ShortLiberia4
Mar 19Avengers: Age of Ultron2015FeatureUS4
Mar 19Still Alice2014FeatureUS4
Mar 19Big Eyes2014FeatureUS3
Mar 20Tangerines2014FeatureEstonia4
Mar 20Hello, My Name is Doris2016FeatureUS3
Mar 30The Dark Horse2016FeatureNew Zealand3
Apr 3Midnight Special2016FeatureUS3
Apr 5Ori & Addison2014ShortUS4
Apr 5Hunter's Moon2015ShortUS3
Apr 5Knockturnal2016ShortUS2
Apr 13Ant-Man2015FeatureUS4
Apr 16Ricki and the Flash2015FeatureUS2
Apr 17We the People: The Market Basket Effect2016FeatureUS3
Apr 17Chappie2015FeatureUS2
Apr 18Everything is Copy2015FeatureUS4
Apr 18Shattered2007FeatureBritain3
Apr 20Never Weaken1921ShortUS4
Apr 20From Hand to Mouth1919ShortUS3
Apr 21The Cardinal1963FeatureUS4
Apr 22Vertigo1958FeatureUS3
Apr 24Sound of Redemption2016FeatureUS4
Apr 24Miles Ahead2016FeatureUS4
Apr 27The Hollars2016FeatureUS4
Apr 28Five Nights in Maine2016FeatureUS4
Apr 28Embers2016FeatureUS3
Apr 29Presenting Princess Shaw2016FeatureUS4
Apr 29Always Shine2016FeatureUS3
Apr 30Lo and Behold: Reveries of the Connected World2016FeatureUS5
Apr 30Transpecos2016FeatureUS5
Apr 30Class of '272016ShortUS4
Apr 30Neige2016ShortUS4
Apr 30A Living Wage2016ShortUS3
Apr 30Lockdown2016ShortUS3
Apr 30The Champion2016ShortUS3
Apr 30The Dwarvenaut2016FeatureUS3
Apr 30Bluespace2016FeatureUS2
May 1Balcony Scene2016ShortUS5
May 1Hunt for the Wilderpeople2016FeatureNew Zealand5
May 1Disorder2016FeatureFrance4
May 1Ori & Addison2016ShortUS4
May 1Bonding2016ShortUS4
May 1Twinsburg2016ShortUS3
May 1My Dark Side and My Light Side Meet in a Bar to Discuss the New Star Wars Movie2016ShortUS3
May 1Teenage Cocktail2016FeatureUS3
May 1Forever, Your Fireplace2016ShortUS2
May 1Blast Beat2016ShortUS2
May 2Weiner2016FeatureUS4
May 2The Lost Arcade2016FeatureUS3
May 3Don't Think Twice2016FeatureUS4
May 3Little Men2016FeatureUS3
May 4The Intervention2016FeatureUS3
May 5Going the Distance2016ShortUS4
May 5Killer2016ShortUS4
May 5Pickle2015ShortUS3
May 5Affections2015ShortUS2
May 6My Brother is a Zombie2015ShortUS4
May 6Tilly2015ShortUS3
May 6The Itching2016ShortUS2
May 7Captain America: The Winter Soldier2014FeatureUS5
May 7Fantastic Four2015FeatureUS2
May 8Captain America: Civil War2016FeatureUS4
May 15Money Monster2016FeatureUS3
May 17Wet Hot American Summer2001FeatureUS3
May 19Z for Zacharia2015FeatureUS3
May 19Mr. Holmes2015FeatureUS3
May 21All the Way2016FeatureUS5
May 22The Nice Guys2016FeatureUS3
May 23Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation2015FeatureUS4
May 27Love & Friendship2016FeatureIreland3
May 28The Intern2015FeatureUS3
May 29Under the Gun2016FeatureUS4
May 29The Lobster2016FeatureGreece2
Jun 2The Scarecrow1920ShortUS3
Jun 2The Life and Times of Judge Roy Bean1972FeatureUS2
Jun 3Tale of Tales2016FeatureItaly3
Jun 5Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping2016FeatureUS2
Jun 7The Martian2015FeatureUS5
Jun 8Good Kill2015FeatureUS3
Jun 9Room 2372012FeatureUS2
Jun 11Muhammad Ali's Greatest Fight2013FeatureUS4
Jun 11Pal Joey1957FeatureUS3
Jun 11Meet the Hitlers2016FeatureUS3
Jun 12The Fallen Idol1948FeatureBritain4
Jun 12The Searchers1956FeatureUS3
Jun 12Alexander Hamilton1931FeatureUS3
Jun 13Lawrence of Arabia1962FeatureBritain5
Jun 18Batman: The Dark Knight Returns, Part 12012FeatureUS4
Jun 18Batman: The Dark Knight Returns, Part 22012FeatureUS4
Jun 18The Alamo1960FeatureUS4
Jun 19Everest2015FeatureUS4
Jun 19De Palma2016FeatureUS4
Jun 19The Walk2015FeatureUS3
Jun 22Tickled2016FeatureUS4
Jun 24Batman: Under the Red Hood2010FeatureUS3
Jun 24The Good Dinosaur2015FeatureUS3
Jun 24Shutter2008FeatureUS2
Jun 26The Man Who Knew Infinity2016FeatureBritain3
Jun 28Swiss Army Man2016FeatureUS5
Jul 2Go West1925FeatureUS4
Jul 2Shaun the Sheep Movie2015FeatureBritain4
Jul 2Captive2015FeatureUS3
Jul 2O.C. and Stiggs1985FeatureUS2
Jul 2Laurel Canyon2002FeatureUS2
Jul 3Path to War2002FeatureUS4
Jul 3Gangster Squad2013FeatureUS3
Jul 3Ted 22015FeatureUS3
Jul 3Batman: Year One2011FeatureUS3
Jul 4Misery1990FeatureUS4
Jul 4Get Shorty1995FeatureUS4
Jul 4MI-52015FeatureBritain3
Jul 5Heist2015FeatureUS2
Jul 6Heartburn1986FeatureUS2
Jul 7A Walk Among the Tombstones2014FeatureUS3
Jul 7Project Almanac2015FeatureUS2
Jul 8The Normal Heart2014FeatureUS4
Jul 9Black Sunday1977FeatureUS3
Jul 10Broken Blossoms1919FeatureUS4
Jul 10Swiss Army Man2016FeatureUS5
Jul 11Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders From Mars1973FeatureBritain2
Jul 11The Game1997FeatureUS3
Jul 17Stonewall2015FeatureUS2
Jul 17Concussion2015FeatureUS3
Jul 17Straight Outta Compton2015FeatureUS4
Jul 17Ghostbusters2016FeatureUS2
Jul 24Star Trek Beyond2016FeatureUS2
Jul 29Thunder Road2016ShortUS3
Jul 30That Cold Day in the Park1969FeatureUS2
Jul 30Cesar Chavez2014FeatureUS3
Jul 30High Anxiety1977FeatureUS4
Jul 30Atari: Game Over2014FeatureUS3
Jul 31Spectre2015FeatureBritain2
Jul 31The 332015FeatureUS3
Jul 31Jason Bourne2016FeatureUS3
Aug 2Munich2005FeatureUS4
Aug 4Deception2008FeatureUS2
Aug 4The Rocketeer1991FeatureUS4
Aug 5My Left Foot1989FeatureIreland4
Aug 6Boyz n the Hood1991FeatureUS5
Aug 7Shalll We Dance2004FeatureUS3
Aug 7Captain Fantastic2016FeatureUS4
Aug 14Grandma2015FeatureUS4
Aug 14Black Girl1966FeatureFrance3
Aug 16Complete Unknown2016FeatureUS2
Aug 19Things to Come1936FeatureBritain3
Aug 20Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country1991FeatureUS4
Aug 20There Will Be Blood2007FeatureUS4
Aug 21Office Space1999FeatureUS4
Aug 28Movie Crazy1932FeatureUS3
Aug 28Hell or High Water2016FeatureUS4
Aug 29Truth2015FeatureUS3
Aug 29The Lady in the Van2015FeatureBritain3
Sep 3The Silencers1966FeatureUS3
Sep 3In the Heart of the Sea2015FeatureUS2
Sep 3Pride2014FeatureBritain4
Sep 4Jane Wants a Boyfriend2016FeatureUS3
Sep 4It Follows2015FeatureUS3
Sep 4The Stanford Prison Experiment2015FeatureUS2
Sep 4Sicario2015FeatureUS4
Sep 5The Rat Race1960FeatureUS3
Sep 5Hysteria2011FeatureBritain3
Sep 5The Quiet American2002FeatureBritain4
Sep 5Carrie1976FeatureUS3
Sep 6Black Sea2015FeatureBritain2
Sep 6The Jerk1979FeatureUS4
Sep 6Leon: The Professional1994FeatureUS4
Sep 7Very Semi-Serious2015FeatureUS3
Sep 7Coney Island1917ShortUS3
Sep 11Star Trek III: The Search For Spock1984FeatureUS3
Sep 11Sully2016FeatureUS3
Sep 18Tron1982FeatureUS2
Sep 19Star Trek V: The Final Frontier1989FeatureUS1
Sep 22Shakes the Clown1991FeatureUS3
Sep 24Spartacus1960FeatureUS5
Sep 25Ben-Hur1959FeatureUS3
Oct 1Whiskey Tango Foxtrot2016FeatureUS2
Oct 2Command and Control2016FeatureUS3
Oct 813 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi2016FeatureUS3
Oct 9The Birth of a Nation2016FeatureUS4
Oct 16Denial2016FeatureBritain3
Oct 17Borrowed Time2016ShortUS3
Oct 19Never Happened2016ShortUS4
Oct 22Blazing Saddles1974FeatureUS5
Oct 23Moonlight2016FeatureUS4
Oct 25The Handmaiden2016FeatureKorea5
Oct 26I Am Not Your Negro2017FeatureUS5
Oct 27After the Storm2016FeatureJapan3
Oct 27The Autopsy of Jane Doe2016FeatureBritain4
Oct 28Loving2016FeatureUS4
Nov 2Manchester by the Sea2016FeatureUS4
Nov 3Piper2016ShortUS4
Nov 6Doctor Strange2016FeatureUS3
Nov 13Arrival2016FeatureUS4
Nov 15Noctural Animals2016FeatureUS3
Nov 19By the Sea2015FeatureUS1
Nov 20The Edge of Seventeen2016FeatureUS4
Nov 22The Martian2015FeatureUS5
Nov 24Funeral in Berlin1966FeatureUS4
Nov 24Mr. Blandings Builds His Dream House1948FeatureUS5
Nov 25Jobs2013FeatureUS3
Nov 26Nanook of the North1922FeatureUS4
Nov 26Zero Days2016FeatureUS4
Nov 26Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice2016FeatureUS1
Nov 27Harlan County U.S.A.1976FeatureUS4
Nov 27The Peanuts Movie2015FeatureUS3
Nov 30Ace Ventura: Pet Detective1994FeatureUS2
Nov 302 Guns2013FeatureUS3
Dec 3Race2016FeatureUS3
Dec 3Keanu2016FeatureUS4
Dec 4Evolution2016FeatureFrance1
Dec 5Altman2014FeatureUS3
Dec 6Countdown1968FeatureUS2
Dec 6Much Ado About Nothing2013FeatureUS3
Dec 8Casino Royale1967FeatureUS2
Dec 8Mad Hot Ballroom2005FeatureUS3
Dec 9My Blueberry Nights2007FeatureHong Kong3
Dec 10Paris Blues1961FeatureUS3
Dec 10Harper1966FeatureUS3
Dec 10The Drowning Pool1975FeatureUS3
Dec 10The Brothers Grimsby2016FeatureBritain2
Dec 11Misconduct2016FeatureUS1
Dec 11Jackie2016FeatureUS3
Dec 15Rogue One: A Star Wars Story2016FeatureUS4
Dec 16Star Wars IV: A New Hope1977FeatureUS5
Dec 17Marathon: The Patriots Day Bombing2016FeatureUS4
Dec 17Eddie the Eagle2016FeatureBritain3
Dec 17War2007FeatureUS2
Dec 18La La Land2016FeatureUS2
Dec 21Rogue One: A Star Wars Story2016FeatureUS4
Dec 22Forsaken2015FeatureCanada3
Dec 24Legend2015FeatureBritain2
Dec 24The Invisible Man1933FeatureUS2
Dec 24Star Wars VII: The Force Awakens2015FeatureUS4
Dec 25Keeper of the Flame1942FeatureUS3
Dec 25Argo2012FeatureUS4
Dec 26Bubba Ho-Tep2002FeatureUS2
Dec 26City by the Sea2002FeatureUS3
Dec 27Mr. Smith Goes to Washington1939FeatureUS4
Dec 27The Life of an American Fireman1903ShortUS2
Dec 27The Musketeers of Pig Alley1912ShortUS3
Dec 27The Beau Brummels1928ShortUS3
Dec 27Ball of Fire1941FeatureUS3
Dec 27Punch-Drunk Love2002FeatureUS4
Dec 28Ratatouille2007FeatureUS4
Dec 29Meet John Doe1941FeatureUS4
Dec 29Jeff, Who Lives at Home2012FeatureUS3
Dec 30Sushi Girl2012FeatureUS3
Dec 31Spotlight2015FeatureUS5

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