Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Donald Trump’s definition of ‘voter fraud’ will apparently ensnare his own top adviser

This is entertaining. The Washington Post reports Donald Trump’s definition of ‘voter fraud’ will apparently ensnare his own top adviser.

Trump tweeted Wednesday morning that his "major investigation into VOTER FRAUD" would be "including those registered to vote in two states."

One of those people, as it happens, is apparently Stephen K. Bannon, Trump's chief White House strategist.

I think the Post points out fallacy in Trump's argument well.

Even if it was merely an honest mistake or paperwork glitch, it's an example of how two of the three things Trump says he wants investigated for "VOTER FRAUD" — dual registrants and "those registered to vote who are dead" — simply don't constitute fraud. These things happen quite a bit, almost always for non-nefarious reasons, and they aren't actually proof of the 3 million to 5 million illegal votes that Trump has baselessly claimed were cast in the 2016 election.

To make it more entetaining, Tiffany Trump Is Registered to Vote in Two States.

[T]he new president’s own daughter Tiffany Trump is registered to vote in both Pennsylvania and New York.

“There is nothing illegal about that,” said Fred Voigt, the deputy election commissioner for Philadelphia. “The illegality only occurs if one votes in two places, not if you’re registered in both.”

Tiffany Trump lived in Philadelphia while attending the University of Pennsylvania, graduating in May. Voigt said it was “very common for college students to be registered both where they live and where they go to school.”

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