Tuesday, November 16, 2010

What's Wrong with Arkansas?

Arkansas Reporter writes about newly elected Congressman Loy Mauch, The South shall rise again.

"But there are Republicans and there is Republican Loy Mauch, elected to represent House District 26 near Hot Springs. A former head of the Sons of the Confederate Veterans post in Hot Springs, Mauch calls the Confederate flag 'a symbol of Jesus Christ,' and is a current member of The League of the South, a group which works toward the formation of an independent Southern nation."

"Asked about his involvement in the League of the South, which listed him as the chairman of their western Arkansas chapter as late as 2005, Mauch said that he's a dues paying member, but is too busy to be active in the organization and doesn't attend meetings. He said the chair position was "just a title." Contrary to the League website, Mauch said the group doesn't want the former Confederacy to stray from the Union again. "We don't think we should secede from the Union," Mauch said. "We just want constitutional government. Secession has never been unconstitutional.""

Read the rest of the article, it gets a lot worse.


DKB said...

A pox on you for posting this the day before David flies to Little Rock for an interview for the EM residency there!

Howard said...

Well according to House last night, I guess I'm ok if it's R pox.