Monday, November 08, 2010

FCC Complaint Filed Against Top Level Position

In the last few weeks I've received four spam text messages from Top Level Position, some new network marketing company. I have no prior relationship with them and I pay (a small amount) for each text message I receive and they mask their phone number as 313-131 so I assume they're being sent from a website. Their domain name registration is hidden by

The last message was: "(TopLevelPos)Top Level Position is launching RIGHT NOW!! Log in to your back office, click the upgrade button and start getting paid!"

I've (rudely) posted to twitter about them and yesterday I posted to their facebook wall that they're spammers but of course, by today it was removed.

Today I filed a complaint with the FCC against them using this online form. I don't know if it will do anything but it felt good for a minute or two.

Anyone have any success in dealing with sms spam? I already don't give out my cell phone number unless I know the recipient.

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The Dad said...

Only that I called ATT twice to have them turn off texting on my acct completely when Apple enabled it. I'd received 3 spam texts within days of the functionality being turned on and I don't have texting on my plan.