Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Investigate the TSA, Not Tyner

It's getting entertaining watching all the outrage over the TSA, Investigate the TSA, Not Tyner.

"Tyner was now allowed board his flight after he refused to allow himself to be groped, and now he could face both prosecution and a fine of $11,000. But his real crime was making the ‘don’t touch my junk’ video showing exactly what happened during his encounter with the TSA, which sparked a public backlash."

The people I've heard support the new system all cite the underwear bomber, though they seem to forget that he boarded in Amsterdam and wouldn't have been subject to TSA screenings.

The new pat downs, as near as I can tell, would definitely get you arrested if you did them on the subway.

It's also good to point out that the maker of the scanners is a client of Michael Chertoff's consulting company.


SPN Headlines said...

Hello Howard!

The TSA rolled out their Program to Examine Random Voyagers (PERV) today, and some people are really pissed! SHOCKING story at:


Peace! :-)

Richard said...

Also the searches were instituted after the underwear bomber. We are always very prepared for the LAST terrorist attempt.

Howard said...

True but I have a few comments.

1. If we didn't cover the last attempt, then they could repeat it. If you didn't have locks on your door, and were robbed, wouldn't you get locks?

2. There were comments after the shoe bomber and we had to then take our shoes off, that thankfully he didn't put the bomb in his underwear. At the time, it was assumed that there's no way the TSA would have to inspect our underwear. So much for that.

3. The current TSA policy would not have stopped the underwear bomber, he got on a plane in Amsterdam.

Howard said...

4. I'm bothered that a lot of people aren't bothered by this. They fall for the canard that otherwise the plane will blow up. In fact, there have been very few attempts on planes and we fly a LOT.

5. I'm ok with some airport security. I'm fine with the magnetometers and x-raying baggage. But I do think they've gone too far when behavior that would be illegal on the subway is required to fly. Isn't that the definition of "unreasonable"?

Anonymous said...

Soon we will all be flying naked and be subject to cavity searches unless we choose to use other security methods, such as those employed by Israeli airport security.

Yes, they do profiling. They profile based on responses to questions, and they question all passengers. It is profiling designed to detect who is a terrorist, and it is based on pre-flight interviews by highly trained and qualified personnel. Most interviews are only a few questions, but if any response is of concern, additional time and effort is expended. My word, how freakin reasonable and logical.

When it gets to the point that flying seems like a visit to the proctologist, then, in a sense, the terrorists have already won.

I really don't want my nether regions examined just to fly to Florida... and I don't think it stops a determined terrorist who is willing to die for his/her cause.

It's just a matter of time until we see this twist on the underwear bomber......

The terrorists will just start swallowing or otherwise inserting bombs into their body cavities. Drug mules have been doing this for years. How you gonna stop that......?

X-Rays for all passengers?