Wednesday, November 10, 2010

A List of the Hardest Novels to Film

Paul Briggs writes The Unfilmables: A List of the Hardest Novels to Film "Below are what I consider to be the most difficult novels to adapt, and who, if any, is fit to do that job."

It's a good list, I'd only heard of about half of them but the descriptions, particularly who might be able to pull it off, were quite entertaining.


Irina said...

You and I saw Time Regained together at the Copley Square Theater, remember? I liked it and you did not. You wanted me to explain why I liked it and I could not.
I know now: it simply made me happy, just like reading Proust himself.

Howard said...

I remember going to Copley with you but I have no memory of the film. I guess I didn't like it :)