Monday, July 26, 2010

WikiLeaks Docs

So WikiLeaks leaked 90,000 pages of docs on the war in Afghanistan and Pakistan.

The New York Times reported on it in The War Logs.

Glenn Greenwald writes about how the big story being reported is about the leaking and not about the info in the documents.

Kevin Drums lists some of the info contained. "Both the Guardian and Times reports offer short bullet lists of the most dramatic revelations from the document dump. Although written independently, they're pretty similar."

Firedoglake also discusses some of the details revealed.

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Richard said...

I have also noticed that the stories about these leaks and even about the USDA employee seem to be meta stories, more about the process of news stories than about the content. It was that way during the last election as well, stories about the process for running for office and managing the discussion of the issues rather than any talk about the issues themselves.

Almost like an art critique about the merits of a work instead of an engineering discussion of how to make something work.