Sunday, July 18, 2010

Go See Inception

I'm going to write three reviews for Inception. This one, which will be brief and give away nothing about the film (except my reaction to it), another for those that need a little more convincing, and another with spoilers for discussion after seeing the film. The third might take a few days for me to get to and maybe another viewing or two.

So here's the point: If you're willing to see a film based solely on my recommendation, read nothing about this film and get to a theater. It's a masterpiece.

Don't worry about IMAX or digital projection or anything. It doesn't matter, just see it. (I saw a digital projection which was great, but it really doesn't matter.

i was hooked immediately. I almost literally didn't blink for the last two hours. I was continuously awestruck for the whole two and half hours. I was audibly and uncontrollably giddy three times. I don't mean I laughed at something that struck as me funny (which happens a lot), I mean that my body physically needed to express the gleeful delight I was experiencing. When it ended, I had to sit in the theater for a few minutes to catch my breath before leaving. I actually thought if there was oxygen available I would take some. I was actually wobbly on my feet leaving the theater. After walking a couple of blocks to a pub and sitting for a few minutes and ordering, I turned to a friend and said you may have to drive my car home.

I'm not sure I've ever enjoyed seeing a film as much as this one. I'm sure I'll be able to come up with a handful of films, but it will be a short list and I doubt those films are "better" than this. I can't conceive of how there will be a better film than Inception the rest of this year (but how amazing that would be).

A friend I saw it with said she was a little bored the first half hour and while I wasn't at all, I can see how people might feel that way. I can also see how it might not be to everyone's taste, but I'll gladly say, they're wrong. The point of this film is to evoke a visceral experience and it definitely achieves that.

I'll accept another excuse for not seeing this in a theater. I had a couple sitting next to me that kept talking. I honestly didn't want to miss or be distracted from a single second of this film. I shhh'ed them once and then once more much more firmly which worked. If it hadn't, I was going to say to them "if you can't be quiet for two and half hours than don't come to the fucking theater, now be quiet or leave."

But seriously, if I was at all vague above, you should see Inception.


Michael Critz said...

I also loved the movie from beginning to end. It’s the best movie I’ve seen all year.

Howard said...

I'm pretty certain it's the best movie I've seen this century. :)

Where the Wild Things Are gave me the same amazement that a film could do that (and that a studio didn't screw it up) but this did that and was way more fun.