Friday, July 16, 2010

Tim Geithner’s Ninth Political Life

Simon Johnson writes about Tim Geithner’s Ninth Political Life now that it seems he's trying to block Elizabeth Warren from being head of the new Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. I have no doubt that Warren should be offered the position before anyone else.

There's also this. Congress, Progressives Roll Out in Support of Elizabeth Warren

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Anonymous said...

Who would you rather have standing up for your interests....Geithner or Warren?

And why does Obama still have terrible timmy geithner on the payroll? Because the people who are really running the show want him there. And why does little timmy not want Ms. Warren to run the CFPB. Because his real bosses are actually afraid of her (because she speaks the truth). Like Harry Truman said..."I don't give em hell, I speak the truth and they think it's hell".

Geithner is just Wall Street's little cabana boy. Whatever they want, he gets. He was front and center during the entire financial crisis and did nothing. Not a goddam thing, except to make sure the likes of Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan were well taken care of. Funny me, I actually thought he worked for the American people. Guess I was wrong about that too.

If Obama doesn't appoint Warren, then anyone who still thinks Obama isn't owned by the Banksters, needs to have their head examined.

And by the way, did anyone notice that the SEC let Goldman off with a slap on the wrist...550 million and no admission of guilt. That's less than a one week profit hiccup for the firm. Really, just another cost of doing business.

And these are the same regulators that are going to keep the Banksters in check in the future?

What a sad joke. The country is being run for the benefit of the banks and nobody notices or cares.

I say Elizabeth Warren for president in 2012.