Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Sherri Shepherd Needs A History Lesson

What is Sherri Shepherd doing on The View? Earlier this fall she said she didn't if the world was flat or round. Now she says "I didn't think anything predated Christians". Really is this average America?


Roman said...

Well, USA is the only western country where creationism vs evolution is subject of serious debate. Not to mention attitude (albeit, changing) towards global warming.

So, with this (and your local radio talk shows) in mind, why would not this be average America?

Natalie & Jessica's Dad said...

Just tell me this is something you had forwarded to you...not that you actually sit on the couch each morning and watch these chickens squawk.

DKB said...

And you think I'm cynical for assuming everyone is a moron until they prove otherwise!

Let's assume this braindead wench is a devout Christian... I, the agnostic fag, apparently know more about the Old Testament than she does, since I know that this entire section of the bible purports to describe a few thousand years of history before the birth of Christ... so she'd be one of the first proscribed from breeding if I became emperor.