Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Bush Makes Impeachment Case

Bush is giving a news conference right now. I honestly think it is enough to impeach him. The new NIE report says Iran isn't developing a nuclear weapons program and hasn't since 2003. Reporters are questioning him about it in the context of his speeches recently saying we need to stop Iran before WWIII breaks out. They ask him about the escalating rhetoric when his own intelligence agencies already had this data and was working to produce the report. He says he didn't know about the intelligence. When asked specifically, saying they had new info in August and it was being worked on, didn't someone in his intelligence agencies come to him and say maybe you should tone back the rhetoric, he says no. He then goes on to say even with this new report, "nothing has changed" Iran is still a threat. This man doesn't deal with facts at all, or care.

BTW, he looks horrible. Half asleep, very wrinkled forehead, he's finally aged in the White House.


Paul said...

Howard wrote "Bush is giving a news conference right now. I honestly think it is enough to impeach him."

I believe the criteria for impeachment is "treason, bribery, or other high crimes and misdemeanors".

Howard said...

I believe war mongering, or more specifically starting "pre-emptive" wars on false information and willfully ignoring information your own administration has to the contrary, counts as high crimes, that is incompetence.

DKB said...

Ah, if only stupidity really were criminal. Ford said "An impeachable offense is whatever a majority of the House of Representatives considers it to be at a given moment in history" when he was a representative, though he'd probably have taken that back if he could while he was signing Nixon's pardon.

Of course we have a congress filled with gutless worms and conservative automatons, so they won't even try. Bush could rape their wives and eat their grandchildren and they'd still let him get away with it.