Monday, December 17, 2007

I Guess I Have Some Work To Do


Natalie & Jessica's Dad said...

I dunno what's more frightening...that mine reads at a college undergrad level, or that B's blog reads at a genius level.

DKB said...

Well, what it actually says is that it's indicating the level of education that's required to UNDERSTAND your blog, not at what level is it written. Perhaps that's a subtle distinction, but I think there's a difference. I've seen things written by highly intelligent people that are more or less unintelligible, and they weren't written only to a group of people in the writer's specialized field.

Maybe I'm just overanalyzing because it said my (pitifully neglected) blog requires a junior-high level to understand it. Since the don't say anything I've managed to find about the methodology, I'll deem it suspect to make myself feel better.

Howard said...

It doesn't always work, but once I got it to read my astronomy posts and it said Genius level. I wonder about the movie reviews.