Thursday, December 13, 2007

Ron Paul is Still Nuts, That's Why

Daily Kos has a post Ron Paul is Still Nuts, That's Why which begins a list of some of his crazy positions. I enjoy him in debates, and appreciate his straight talking; but once you get past that you realized he's all about completely dismantling government.

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DKB said...

We've discussed Dr. Paul before... like most Libertarians (which he is, no matter what party affiliation he claims) the surface impression seems okay until you get down to his inner whack-job.

That said, I'd still trade him for the tool the Shrub left us for a governor, and these idiots in Texas keep re-electing. We'd be better off with someone who was trying to dismantle our government than one who's trying to sell it off to US and foreign companies. Now, as president... hmmm... I have to wonder, could he have done as much damage as Bush? After all, he'd have Congress fighting him every step of the way because he wants to change the status quo... I think he would've wrecked our country MUCH less than W.