Thursday, December 13, 2007

Snow Update

It's 11 hours after the start and it doesn't look like anything more is accumulating. Men with plows, snow blowers and shovels came and cleared my driveway. Looking at virgin snow in the front yard I got 8" and 10" measurements. It's hard to tell what's drift and what's protected by the house or tree.

I see tonights low listed as 23 but the current temperature is shown as 21. Tomorrow's high is listed as 33 and that's the high for the next several days, so I don't think there's much risk of melting and icing.

Seems like a perfect time to point out the Calvin and Hobbes Snow Art Gallery. I blogged about it 2 years ago and my post has been getting a lot of hits from Google lately.


Richard Koehler said...

We need pictures of the snow. All we have down here today is the traditional winter fog.

Howard said...

I try some later. Here are some to hold you over.