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Movies Seen in 2014

Previous Years: 2013, 2012, 2011

In 2014 I saw 191 feature length movies and 30 short films (those under 40 mins). That's a little less than the last two years.

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85% first run features is same as last year. For shorts, last year was 93%.

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I rate on the Netflix 5 point scale where 1 is hated, 2 is didn't like, 3 is I liked it, 4 is really liked and 5 is loved.

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I had a pretty average curve for me.

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Same as last year I saw 67 features in the theater and most of the rest on cable. I only watched 9 films on Netlix this year, 6 on DVD and 3 streaming.

This year I didn't watch any DVDs and just watched one blu-ray, Inception on New Years I streamed nine films on Netflix. Shorts are different, aside from the Oscar nominated shorts in the theater, I basically watch them online, 90% of them on YouTube.

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I've got a few theaters I go to regularly, though the Somerville gets so much because of IFFBoston. The shorts I see in the theater are the Oscar nominees when they show them at the Coolidge. Boston got a new theater this year at Assembly Row, next year there will be more food choices nearby so I'll probably go more often.

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April and December are my big movie months and I see less in the summer. April is IFFBoston, and December is I guess holidays (and trying to reach a goal number of movies). Usually most of my shorts viewing is Oscar related, the spike in June was finding a lot of AFI shorts online.

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Yet again, my viewing was really skewed towards recent films this year. I saw 61 features from 2013 and 68 from 2014.

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I guess May and June are the barren months for Oscar nominated films. These are films from any year that got a nomination or won, not just from last year's Oscars. They also (obviously) don't include any films that came out this year that will get nominated at the end of the month.

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Yet again I feel like I need to see more foreign films:

Screen Shot 2015 01 01 at 2 03 10 PM

I break down films into five genres that I'm pretty happy with. I then use some sub-genres and I still have a hard time putting every film in one. There are lots of Dramas and Comedies that have no sub-genre. But here's how it looks for this year:

Screen Shot 2015 01 01 at 1 43 29 PM

Here are all the films I saw in 2014:

Jan 1Inception2010FeatureUS5
Jan 2Trouble with the Curve2012FeatureUS4
Jan 3Pariah2011FeatureUS4
Jan 3Hyde Park on Hudson2012FeatureUS3
Jan 4For All Mankind1989FeatureUS4
Jan 4Frankenweenie2012FeatureUS2
Jan 4Far From the Maddening Crowd1967FeatureBritain2
Jan 5Her2013FeatureUS4
Jan 10Identity Thief2013FeatureUS1
Jan 12American Hustle2013FeatureUS4
Jan 13Admission2013FeatureUS3
Jan 13A Good Day to Die Hard2013FeatureUS1
Jan 16Partysaurus Rex2012ShortUS4
Jan 16Justice League: New Frontier2008FeatureUS3
Jan 16Oblivion2013FeatureUS2
Jan 17Bullet to the Head2013FeatureUS2
Jan 19August: Osage County2013FeatureUS4
Jan 26Blue Jasmine2013FeatureUS4
Jan 26All-Star Superman2011FeatureUS3
Jan 28The Student Prince in Old Heidelberg1927FeatureUS4
Feb 1Lincoln2012FeatureUS4
Feb 1After Earth2013FeatureUS2
Feb 1The Wild One1954FeatureUS2
Feb 2Justice League: Doom2012FeatureUS4
Feb 6G.I. Joe: Retaliation2013FeatureUS3
Feb 8Magical Mystery Tour1967FeatureBritain2
Feb 9The Juggler1953FeatureUS2
Feb 14Before Midnight2013FeatureUS2
Feb 16The Lego Movie2013FeatureUS3
Feb 18Trance2013FeatureBritain3
Feb 22The Lone Ranger2013FeatureUS2
Feb 23Tim's Vermeer2013FeatureUS5
Feb 23Now You See Me2013FeatureUS2
Feb 25The Square2013FeatureEgypt3
Feb 27The Voorman Problem2013ShortBritain4
Feb 27That Wasn't Me2013ShortSpain4
Feb 27Do I Have to Take Care of Everything2013ShortFinland4
Feb 27Get a Horse2013ShortUS4
Feb 27Mr. Hublot2013ShortFrance4
Feb 27Room on the Broom2013ShortBritain4
Feb 27A La Francaise2013ShortFrance4
Feb 27The Blue Umbrella2013ShortUS4
Feb 27Helium2013ShortDenmark3
Feb 27Just Before Losing Everything2013ShortFrance3
Feb 27The Missing Scarf2013ShortIreland3
Feb 27Feral2013ShortUS2
Feb 27Possessions2013ShortJapan2
Mar 1The Croods2013FeatureUS4
Mar 1Cutie and the Boxer2013FeatureUS3
Mar 1Jackass Presents: Bad Grandpa2013FeatureUS3
Mar 1The Incredible Burt Wonderstone2013FeatureUS2
Mar 8Star Trek Into Darkness2013FeatureUS2
Mar 15Mission Impossible1996FeatureUS4
Mar 15Fruitvale Station2013FeatureUS4
Mar 16The Grand Budapest Hotel2014FeatureUS3
Mar 21The World's End2013FeatureBritain3
Mar 22White House Down2013FeatureUS2
Mar 23Byzantium2012FeatureBritain3
Mar 23The Transporter2002FeatureUS3
Mar 23Snitch2013FeatureUS3
Mar 23Stories We Tell2012FeatureCanada2
Mar 29Heat1995FeatureUS4
Mar 29The Butler2013FeatureUS3
Mar 30Executive Suite1954FeatureUS3
Mar 30Particle Fever2013FeatureUS3
Apr 2Under the Skin2013FeatureBritain1
Apr 6Captain America: The Winter Soldier2014FeatureUS5
Apr 6Stripped2014FeatureUS3
Apr 8Dear Mr. Watterson2014FeatureUS3
Apr 13Jodorowsky's Dune2014FeatureUS3
Apr 21The Princess Bride1987FeatureUS5
Apr 22The Case Against 82014FeatureUS3
Apr 23Beneath the Harvest Sky2014FeatureUS3
Apr 24The Overnighters2014FeatureUS4
Apr 24In Country2014FeatureUS3
Apr 25Big Significant Things2014FeatureUS3
Apr 25Palo Alto2014FeatureUS2
Apr 26Rich Hill2014FeatureUS5
Apr 26Jon Imber's Left Hand2014FeatureUS4
Apr 26The Starfish Throwers2014FeatureUS4
Apr 26In Search of General Tso2014FeatureUS4
Apr 2620,000 Days on Earth2014FeatureUS3
Apr 27Supermensch; The Legend of Shep Gordon2014FeatureUS4
Apr 27Dear White People2014FeatureUS4
Apr 27Vessel2014FeatureUS3
Apr 27Fort Tilden2014FeatureUS3
Apr 28Locke2014FeatureBritain4
Apr 28Wild Canaries2014FeatureUS1
Apr 29The Trip to Italiy2014FeatureBritain4
Apr 29The Double2014FeatureUS2
Apr 30Mood Indigo2014FeatureFrance4
May 4Only Lovers Left Alive2014FeatureBritain2
May 6Chef2014FeatureUS3
May 25X-Men: Days of Future Past2014FeatureUS5
May 25Fast & Furious 62013FeatureUS2
May 29The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy2005FeatureBritain3
Jun 1The Dance of Reality2014FeatureChile2
Jun 2Duck and Cover1952ShortUS3
Jun 7Ender's Game2013FeatureUS3
Jun 7R.I.P.D.2013FeatureUS2
Jun 8Edge of Tomorrow2014FeatureUS3
Jun 12Flesh and the Devil1926FeatureUS3
Jun 14The Tell-Tale Heart1953ShortUS4
Jun 14Free Radicals1958ShortBritain4
Jun 142001 A Space Odyssey: A Look Behind the Future1966ShortUS3
Jun 14Gerald McBoing-Boing1950ShortUS3
Jun 14Motion Painting No. 11947ShortUS3
Jun 14Tulips Shall Grow1942ShortUS3
Jun 14Frank Film1973ShortUS1
Jun 15Snow White1933ShortUS4
Jun 15Obvious Child2014FeatureUS4
Jun 15Why Man Creates1968ShortUS3
Jun 15Quasi at the Quackadero1976ShortUS3
Jun 15Runner Runner2013FeatureUS2
Jun 15Scratch and Crow1995ShortUS2
Jun 15Early Abstractions1987ShortUS2
Jun 21Wadjda2013FeatureSaudi Arabia4
Jun 22The Wolverine2013FeatureUS3
Jun 22Ida2014FeaturePoland3
Jun 29The Counselor2013FeatureUS2
Jun 29The Internet's Own Boy: The Story of Aaron Swartz2014FeatureUS3
Jul 2The Italian Job1969FeatureBritain3
Jul 5$1971FeatureUS4
Jul 6Pete Smalls is Dead2010FeatureUS1
Jul 6The Way Way Back2013FeatureUS4
Jul 8Kiki1926FeatureUS3
Jul 9About Time2013FeatureBritain4
Jul 12Frozen2013FeatureUS4
Jul 13Snowpiercer2014FeatureKorea3
Jul 20Army of Darkness1992FeatureUS3
Jul 20A King in New York1957FeatureBritain3
Jul 20Dawn of the Planet of the Apes2014FeatureUS3
Jul 20Thor: The Dark World2013FeatureUS4
Jul 23Valentine Road2013FeatureUS3
Jul 26Gravity2013FeatureUS5
Jul 27A Most Wanted Man2014FeatureBritain4
Jul 30Lucy2014FeatureFrance4
Aug 1Guardians of the Galaxy2014FeatureUS4
Aug 3Get On Up2014FeatureUS4
Aug 9Rush2013FeatureUS4
Aug 10Plimpton! Starring George Plimpton as Himself2013FeatureUS3
Aug 10Sorcerer1977FeatureUS3
Aug 12Moonraker1979FeatureBritain2
Aug 12The Kings of Summer2013FeatureUS3
Aug 12Thunderball1965FeatureBritain4
Aug 15Escape Plan2013FeatureUS3
Aug 16Good Will Hunting1997FeatureUS4
Aug 16The Spy Who Loved Me1977FeatureBritain4
Aug 17Calvary2014FeatureIreland3
Aug 24Frank2014FeatureBritain3
Aug 29Guardians of the Galaxy2014FeatureUS4
Aug 30The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug2013FeatureUS2
Aug 30Vincent & Theo1990FeatureUS2
Aug 31Ghostbusters1984FeatureUS5
Sep 1Serpico1973FeatureUS4
Sep 1Stalag 171953FeatureUS5
Sep 1On Her Majesty's Secret Service1969FeatureBritain4
Sep 2Fat Man and Little Boy1989FeatureUS4
Sep 3Iron Man 32013FeatureUS3
Sep 612 Years a Slave2013FeatureUS5
Sep 7Franz Kafka's It's a Wonderful Life1995ShortBritain3
Sep 7The Congress2014FeatureIsrael2
Sep 13Goldeneye1995FeatureBritain3
Sep 14The Drop2014FeatureUS4
Sep 20We're the Millers2013FeatureUS2
Sep 20Kick-Ass 22013FeatureUS3
Sep 21Wild Orchids1929FeatureUS2
Sep 21Pain & Gain2013FeatureUS3
Sep 21Grudge Match2013FeatureUS3
Sep 21The Skeleton Twins2014FeatureUS3
Oct 9Gone Girl2014FeatureUS4
Oct 12Torrent1926FeatureUS3
Oct 12The Natural1984FeatureUS3
Oct 12Art and Craft2014FeatureUS2
Oct 14Laggies2014FeatureUS3
Oct 15Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit2014FeatureUS3
Oct 17The Search1948FeatureUS4
Oct 17The Monuments Men2014FeatureUS2
Oct 18Non-stop2014FeatureUS2
Oct 18Renoir2012FeatureFrance2
Oct 19Lone Survior2013FeatureUS4
Oct 19Fury2014FeatureUS4
Oct 21Ping Pong Summer2014FeatureUS2
Oct 24A Tale of Momentum & Inertia2014ShortUS4
Oct 26Birdman2014FeatureUS4
Nov 1The Southerner1945FeatureUS3
Nov 1In a Lonely Place1950FeatureUS2
Nov 2Nightcrawler2014FeatureUS4
Nov 6Defiance2008FeatureUS3
Nov 8The Face of Love2013FeatureUS3
Nov 9John Wick2014FeatureUS4
Nov 15Percy Jackson - Sea of Monsters2013FeatureUS2
Nov 16Interstellar2014FeatureUS4
Nov 16Whiplash2014FeatureUS4
Nov 22Flyboys2006FeatureUS3
Nov 22It1927FeatureUS3
Nov 28Gravity2013FeatureUS5
Nov 30Big Trouble in Little China1986FeatureUS3
Nov 30Rosewater2014FeatureUS3
Dec 5The Amazing Spider-Man 22014FeatureUS2
Dec 6Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom2013FeatureBritain4
Dec 7The Babadook2014FeatureAustralia3
Dec 9The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across the 8th Dimension1984FeatureUS5
Dec 10The Theory of Everything2014FeatureBritain4
Dec 13The Book Thief2013FeatureUS4
Dec 13Sherlock Jr.1924FeatureUS5
Dec 13The Navigator1924FeatureUS4
Dec 14The Imitation Game2014FeatureBritain4
Dec 20Muppets Most Wanted2014FeatureUS4
Dec 20The Cameraman1928FeatureUS4
Dec 21Top Five2014FeatureUS4
Dec 23The November Man2014FeatureUS3
Dec 2422 Jump Street2014FeatureUS4
Dec 24Last Vegas2013FeatureUS2
Dec 29Divergent2014FeatureUS3
Dec 29The Hill1965FeatureBritain5
Dec 31Love Actually2003FeatureBritain4
Dec 31Doubt2008FeatureUS5
Dec 31Happy-Go-Lucky2008FeatureBritain4
Dec 31Seven Chances1925FeatureUS3
Dec 31The Idle Class1921ShortUS3

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