Saturday, January 17, 2015

Why Frame Rate Matters

io9 had a good explanation of Why Frame Rate Matters. The only high frame rate movie I've seen is the first Hobbit movie. I saw it in 48 FPS in 3D and thought it looked terrible. Some friends said they got used to it after 15-30 minutes but I never did (and it was a long movie). It also didn't help that I didn't like the movie (I saw the second on cable and liked it even less and haven't seen the third).


Richard said...

You will like the third even less then. I have not seen any of the movies at the high frame rate because I usually take my father who has worse eyesight than me. Likely it is wasted on us.

By the way the reCAPTCHA's are now impossible. Seriously, I clicked many times to get one I could read and type in correctly, and failed repeatedly, and the audio one is completely not understandable. You decide if I am not a robot. Would a robot complain like this?

Howard said...

Ok, I turned off "word verification" so hopefully that solves the impossible captcha problem.