Thursday, December 19, 2013

National Film Registry 2013 Inductees

The National Film Registry just announced the 25 new additions for 2013. This article has descriptions of each of the films.

Below is the list based on year of release. The ones in bold I've seen. I feel like all the well known films on the list I've seen and half of them I'm surprised weren't on the list already. The rest I've not only not seen but never even heard of. I hadn't heard of any of the three shorts and just watched them online. How I had never heard of an Oscar winning animated short about nuclear war with improved dialog by jazz legend Dizzy Gilespie I have no idea.

The Lunch Date is quite cute and worth 10 minutes of your time. I feel like it's based on an old joke but it's well executed and adds a nice dimension to it.

Here's the full list of of the National Film Registry.

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