Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Alaska Airlines Replaces Pilot Manuals With iPads

USA Today writes Alaska Airlines replaces pilot manuals with iPads.

"As part of his daily routine for the last 15 years, Alaska Airlines pilot Randy Kleiger hauled his 40-pound airline manuals onto his jet, using them to check everything from routing information and company policies to airport parking. But the 1,000-plus pages of paper are soon to be history, thanks to his employer's decision to ditch the manuals by mid-June in favor of the Apple iPad for the entire Alaska Airlines fleet."

It does seem a little more risky but the article does point out some benefits. The info is more up-to-date, faster to find and is so much lighter it uses less fuel. That said, in spite of the article, I'm sure there's nothing preventing them from playing Angry Birds or watching a movie, neither of which requires a net connection. Then again, pilots can probably already do this on their phones.

In bad turbulence I wonder which is worse getting hit in the head with.


Megs said...

Well, I'm flying Alaska Airlines next week, so I'll let you know how it goes (and if you don't hear from me, it didn't go well).

Howard said...

Are you going to Alaska?