Monday, April 06, 2009

Someone Stole Pack

Boston Police report: "One of Boston’s cherished Make Way for Ducklings, Pack, has been reported stolen from The Public Garden this morning following the Boston’s Park Rangers daily routine park inspection. Snapped at its webbed feet, Pack is the second to last of Mrs. Mallard’s eight bronze ducklings who reside at the corner of Beacon and Charles Streets."

Update: Pack was found.

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DKB said...

The response people have to iconic popular civic art is interesting. Italians can border on rabid in their reaction to things like this. In the '90s, someone broke off the leg of one of the horses in the "Fontana di Nettuno" in front of the Palazzo Vecchio in Firenze and took it away with them. The vandals were caught and put in jail. They admitted having damaged the statue and stolen the missing pieces, but refused to divulge the location of the pices. An officer over the jail (I don't remember if it was local police or the Carabinieri) was being interviewed about this and basically said they could rot in his jail until they died if they didn't want to give up the pieces they had stolen... and they gave up the information shortly thereafter.