Saturday, April 11, 2009

2009 in Movies So Far

Today is the 100th day of the 2009. I've seen 85 movies so far this year. That includes in the theater, on cable (that is TiVo), and on DVD (including Netflix). 15 were Oscar nominated shorts, but the rest were feature films.

Here are the current 2009 Yearly Box Office Results. The top 10 grossing films of the year are:

1. Paul Blart: Mall Cop $143,162,362
2. Taken $140,406,000
3. Monsters Vs. Aliens $127,467,000
4. Watchmen $105,863,000
5. Fast and Furious $99,849,000
6. He's Just Not That Into You $92,967,845
7. Tyler Perry's Madea Goes to Jail $90,095,629
8. Coraline $74,367,301
9. Hotel for Dogs $71,735,619
10. Friday the 13th $64,906,002

Paul Blart: Mall Cop is the highest grossing film of the year?!? With just a 32% tomatometer!?! Given the rest of the list I'm happy I've only seen two of these, Watchmen and Coraline. The only one I'm likely to see is Monsters Vs. Aliens if it gets a best animated picture nomination (and of course ultimately loses to Up).


Corey said...

Don't be fooled by the box office numbers. Blart was horrible and I'm a huge Kevin James fan.


Howard said...

Worry not, I was not going to be fooled.