Saturday, April 04, 2009

10 Shows That Should Return Next Fall

Television Without Pity lists10 Shows That Should Return Next Fall (But Might Not). I agree with Better Off Ted (each of its 3 episodes were very fun), Dollhouse (Friday's was their first great episode) and Kings (anything with Ian McShane). I also think Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles is getting better.

What do people think of the other shows on the list. I gave up on Fringe after two episodes, is it worth watching? I've tried Chuck a few times and I don't see the appeal. I have no interest in Rock of Love or Celebrity Apprentice.


Karl said...

I liked the last two dollhouse episodes as well (after almost having given up). But I think they are a sign of the end; they are trying to give fans closure before the show ends.

I enjoy Chuck. It's not really worth watching and I wouldn't be disappointed to see it canceled, but its perfectly adequate stupid, often predictable entertainment for a Monday night.

Fringe hasn't been on in a while. It's gotten a beyond the first few episodes where they were putting the characters into place, although they are not really going anywhere. I'm not sure I'd recommend it.

Howard said...

I've heard that this is what Joss intended and the first few were Fox wanting stand alone episodes with more action to introduce it to people. I don't think that was a good strategy.

kim said...

I've dvred/watched Dollhouse, Life and Fringe.

I like Fringe the best of the three. It seems to consist of 90% single show story and 10% continuing plot line so far. That probably needs to move more to 80/20 over time. I'm making the percentages up and I don't know how you'd really measure them completely objectively. Probably, there has been some studies on optimizing this utilizing various criteria.

I always thought that BSG went too far the other way (too much long term plot not enough single story). Without tivo/dvr I found it impossible to catch enough episodes to keep track of ongoing plotlines.

Howard said...

I'll give Fringe a try. It's back on tomorrow.

I agree on BSG, the last season wasn't as strong as it should have been. Though it's difficult for me to think of TV with TiVo, there is Hulu to catch up on missed episodes. I used for The Unit a few weeks ago when sports delayed it's broadcast without updating the schedule. It was a very pleasant experience and I had no problems dealing with the one ad at each commercial break.