Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Impersonator Alert

The Boston Police yesterday issued an Impersonator Alert.

"Today at approximately 2:32pm, an elderly couple in Roslindale (District E5) received a knock on their door from a man claiming to be from the water department. The individual had an ID badge that said ‘Boston Water Department’ with a picture but no name. He told the couple he needed to check the water in the house because they would be doing work on the pipes outside in the street."

Basically 3 men in their thirties entered the house on pretext of being with the water department. The residents became suspicious, tried to call the police and the 3 men fled.

Be cautious and suspicious. If someone shows you a badge or a government ID, do you know what a real one looks like?


Karl said...

Any helpful links to sites that show what real badges/ids look like?

Howard said...

Unfortunately, not that I know of (though I haven't looked).