Tuesday, July 07, 2015

What's The Best Medium For A Storyteller In 2015 And Beyond?

Hugh Hancock has a very interesting piece, What's The Best Medium For A Storyteller In 2015 And Beyond?.

  • Feature Films - "The phrase I keep hearing about filmmaking is "there's never been a better time to get your movie made, and never been a worse time to get anyone to watch it"."
  • Television And Webseries - "Televison's a refugee camp right now, where half of the hollow-eyed survivors wandering around in a daze are absent-mindedly clutching Oscars." "And thanks to the brain-drain from film, there's no shortage of really well-known people with serious portfolios eager to get their series made. That means that it's at least as hard to break in as it ever was for a newbie. "
  • Games - like film, dev tools are advancing and cheap (free), but distribution (getting noticed) is hard.
  • Prose - "is interesting because it's the only one of the artforms I'm discussing here that has gone through a revolution in distribution but not in creation." and people are willing to pay for self-published content.
  • Virtual Reality - "The new frontier". Early adopter market but there is some money available there, but no one knows how to tell a story yet.
  • Comics - "They're about halfway between film and prose in terms of revolution of creation." "And in terms of distribution, it turns out that comics are very well suited to the Internet as a form of delivery."

The article has a lot more detail and speculation than I summarize above. Well worth a read.

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